By Evo Joel Contrivida
Photos by Jason Pascua

A relaxing farm near Metro Manila, where man and his best friend dog, can bond anytime of the day, and commune with Mother Nature.


It was a day with all the dogs, and in all kinds of breed.  A day with the master and his dog, in one farm. That’s how the fun was all about for the Paw Fun at the Farm, a dog show featuring the Valenzuela South Alpha Dogs (VSAD), in Manila East Lakeview Farms in Morong, Rizal, held last Sunday.

For the first time, around 20 dogs participated in this event showcasing their skills, but most of all bond with their favorite owners. This is initiated by Primeeast Properties to promote this hidden and soon to be known farm that was tagged as the Tagaytay of the east.

The program started with VSAD usual “Pack Walk” wherein they tour around the 58 hectares of this leisure farm subdivision. Then followed by formal orientation and talks on how to care deeply with your dogs, and how to understand their mannerisms and gestures. It was so informative that we know the laws that support animal welfare.

The founding members
The founding members

Sheryl Tamayo-Roa (Administrator of VSAD) said that they want to promote healthy environment between animals and human, wherein putting dogs in cages is a no-no for them. VSAD is barely a year old organization of around 30 active members and more than 70 in their Facebook group. She said they don’t have membership fee but you have to earn your fellowship thru joining weekly pack walk in different area in Valenzuela City, and sometimes out of town, like this event in Morong.  They organize many events,  mostly in coordination with local veterinary office and some NGO’s to really show that having a pet or dog is not luxury nor a vice, but a responsibility and a commitment. Roa added that not only those dogs with foreign breed that they accept, they also have “Aspin” members, or Asong Pinoy.

Alexie Salazar, Recruitment Manager of Primeeast Properties, welcomed this kind of event in Lakeview Farms as an opener for pet lovers. They may consider settling or buying a lot in their subdivision since they promote backyard farming.

And having a pet with this kind of environment is a perfect combination. Inside Lakeview you will have the spectacular view of Laguna De Bay, Sierra Madre and the Pilillia Wind Mills. They also have built-in demo farms for vegetables, herbs and spices and ornamental plants and flowers.

“In Lakeview Farms we have this policy that your lot should be 20% buildable area while the 80 % is allocated for agriculture and farming,” Salazar added.

The event ended with VSAD members having a swimming with their dogs at the Clubhouse pool. Manila East Lakeview Farms is located in Brgy. San Guillermo, in Morong, Rizal.

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