By Alwin M. Ignacio

“I like capturing moments that are not planned, the spontaneous ones, to capture unplanned moments are really nice.”

Jasmine Curtis Smith / Image:

            She’s definitely a stellar. It was so easy for this young miss to make heads turn. It came quickly in her Princess Charming territory.  Pray tell, who can avoid the beguiling Jasmine Curtis Smith? She with the regal bearing, girly gait, winsome smile. all woman vibe and yes, an-oh-so approachable persona. Every one who meets her up close and personal believes that she is their new found gal pal.

            During the Instax and Crafts event of Fuji Films held at SM Aura Premier in Taguig, Smith arrived on her appointed time schedule. In a white-sleeveless top, she readily joined the scrapbooking activities for that day. After sticking with drawings, cuttings and pictures in a blank book, she eagerly went table hopping and checked out what the guests have been up to, and gamely took snap shots and made precious memories with her Fuji Instax mini-camera.

            That afternoon, Smith was “one of us,” no trace of being a celebrity. She was obviously delighted and quite pleased, as she enjoyed, observed and gave thumbs up to all the pasting, taping, coloring and her dexterity with the arts as she was joined by the guests.

            In the short and sweet chitchat, Jasmine revealed, “I like landscapes, I take a lot of pictures of landscapes as the main feature, like mountains or by the beach. I also like silhouettes. When pictures have dramatic effects, iyan ang  gustong-gusto ko.”

            She went on, ” When I photograph someone, candid shots are the best for me. Like the other day, when I got the Instax mini, I was holding it, to test it lang, especially kung paano ko siya i-ha-handle. My best friend was with me that time and while we were conversing, she offered me an apple slice, and just like that I clicked my Instax and took that wonderful shot.”

            The Fuji Instax Camera that Jasmine owned are in two types – the Instax Mini which are ideal for daily use, and Instax WIde which are perfect for shooting group pictures.

            Learning new things is constant in Smith’s life and she added photography to her ever growing list of interests.

            “I’d love to dive into it. I am curious about it but it is not something na I am already so hooked. The curiosity with photography is always there, para siyang pasulpot-sulpot and ako, generally, I like learning new things a lot,” she said.

            In the nearest future, given the chance to truly immerse herself in photography, she wants her first subject to be, who else but elder sister, Anne Curtis.

            She shared, ‘If I photograph her. I want to capture the way I see her rather than the way she projects herself or the way people perceive or see her. I want people can see her from my perspective.”

            And that perspective is? The younger Smith answered, “That she has always been my beautiful shield. She shields me up from anything and everything, even if I don’t want it, and even if matigas ang ulo ko, she does it anyway. Hanggang it will come a time na, ‘okay ayaw mo talaga’ then she’ll let me be. She lets me handle it and when it hits me, she will say ‘That was ‘what I was trying to protect you from,’ she is my shield.”

            “She is like a mom slash sister,” declared Jasmine. ” Now, she is becoming more of a sister because she is not held responsible for me anymore. Kung ano man ang actions ko, ako na yun, nasa akin na yun. Kasi before di ba, teenager, under aged so my parents were holding her responsible for every thing that is happening to me, which is why she is viewed as over protective, but it was just her trying to make sure I am in good hands.”

            She shared a little bit about their sisterhood: “Growing up, we never fought. No physical fights, no sabunutan, kurutan or kalmutan, thankfully. We’re not like that, ang laki nung agwat namin, so there is no chance for a major fight. It was always like, mabilis na inisan lang which is normal for siblings.

            “People expect that we fight a lot, kasi nga mga babae and normally, catty ang mga fights. Kami ano eh, with us, believe it never happened. Between the two of us, if someone does not understand something, meron isa na mabilis mag explain. Like, for instance, I will say, ‘Ate ganito yan, this is what happened.’ Or siya, ‘Jas, ganito yan, wag kang mapikon. Wag kang maiinis.’ She is very sensible and me rin naman, I am  maturing, I think. I now have a better understanding why she acts a certain way. Wala kaming tampuhan.”

            And the best love advice Ate Anne gave her? “Keep trying, hanggang kaya mo pa,” Jasmine replied. “It is not something that she spoke up and said to me na parang, ‘Ikaw Jas, it’s up to you. You think you want it pa, go. If hindi, di sige, you’ll find your way.’ I am not the type to share my love problems with ate, ever since, kahit crush lang, I don’t share it with her. But I guess, in the future I will be more open about it, talking about it to her. It’s really my friends who know.”

            She added, “When she does know about it, she messaged me, tinatanong ako kung ano yun, na may something raw kayo ni ganito,’ that is the time I started talking, when she makes tanong. Nahihiya kasi ako na ‘ate, guess what, may crush ako.” She laughed heartily.

            Speaking of photographs, Smith have been photographed with a non-showbiz guy. She does not deny that she is exclusively dating.

            “This guy (Jeff Ortega), we’ve known him for years na,” shared the actress. “It’s not like, where did he come from? We’ve been friends for quite some time na naman.”

            She liked this guy because, “He is straight to the point, no bull shit. And it’s nice that we are both very honest. I am very big in honesty. It helps that he is not from showbiz but at the end of the day, it doesn’t bother whether he is from showbiz or not. What really matters is the personality, how they treat you and it’s by chance that he is not from showbiz. We are exclusively dating.”

            Having her own share of heart break, is she more careful now when it comes to the matter of romance?  She pondered a little then replied, “Yes…no, not really.  I think more of like, I am more aware now of how should I treat myself. Siempre sa una, eto ako, one hundred percent, parang walang tinitira sa sarili, which is of course fine but still you learn from that. I am taking every thing that I learned from the past as something that makes me grow and better as a person kesa sa grabe, ganito ako nun, what happened, what did I do to myself?

            “I know now that, okay, this is where I went wrong, and this is how I am going to fix it. That is what I worked on for the past year. Kaya now, if I say my  family comes first and he cannot get or understand it, then, he can just walk out the door, bye-bye! I still think that from time to time, especially in a romantic relationship, there should always be that gush of excitement.”

            And on the idea that a showbiz personality being a public property, Jasmine explained, “I always guard my privacy. I have always been like that, I think. That is why when I am being interviewed, I share as much as I can, I don’t want to be kuripot when it comes to sharing the things I want to share. People always say that you are a public figure, you owe it to the public kaya I took it upon myself to share what I can and what I want to share, para wala namang ano ba yan. But there are still some things that I keep secret, it’s always in good balance. I am not use to people making halungkat about my life. I know how interviews go and how rigid they can get so I know when to talk and when not to talk or explain.”

            Does she still get offended when some questions are becoming too probing? Her quick reply, “If I feel na you are crossing the line at nakakabastos na, I will be honest. I remember there was a question during the Panday press conference. The question was like kung humingi ba ako nang tip sa ate ko kung paano makipaghalikan kay RIchard. It was like, wait lang, that was offensive, irrelevant and has nothing to do with my working relationship with Richard. During that Q and A, I said, ‘Excuse me, like that was a very offensive question, I don’t want to answer it. Just to let you now, if I were to talk to anyone about tips, it will be with Richard, and not my sister, since he is the one that I will be kissing.”

            Today, she’s excited working with Gutierrez. “For sure, we will start na. I am looking forward to work with him. I have only been a judge together with him in Talentadong Pinoy. He is a good conversationalist. I know I won’t get bored on the set. I think it will be fun if we can reminisce about when I was nine and he was driving my ate a lot,” she laughed.

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