By Carlo Maceda

 It’s a different kind of loving….and sharing, as well! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

Carlo Maceda and Derlyn Maceda with cancer patients and parent

 Every year we celebrate Valentine’s Day customarily with a date…we watched a movie and then capped it off with a nice dinner. I am sure most of you have your own traditions. This year we decided to celebrate it differently.

My wife, Derlyn Maceda, initiated a different way of celebrating it by sharing the Love before Valentine’s day.

Last Friday, Feb.12, 2016, we spent our day and joined the 5th anniversary of the Tahan-tahanan in East Avenue Medical Center, in Quezon City. We brought food and gifts for the kids stricken with cancer.  There were two celebrities that came also,  Tita Beverly Salviejo and Lance Raymundo, who hosted and performed during the event, eliciting laughter from the kids and their parents. It was so inspiring to see these kids who were fighting cancer with such courage, and yet smiled despite their condition.

Some of them even cannot see, but that did not hinder them to experience and celebrate Valentine.  We surprised the kids by hiring a Mickey Mouse mascot to liven up the place and bring cheers to the kids.

Derlyn Maceda with another visitor, Mickey Mouse

I was asked to give a short message. I am usually a smooth speaker, but I was so speechless and affected that nothing was coming to my mind. I was welling up inside and I was so scared to say anything to these kids, that my words may be too glib. It’s a good thing my wife saved me by the bell and gave a beautiful message about hope and faith in God for healing.

We were laughing as Lance and Tita Bev were dancing with Mickey Mouse in an impromptu number.

Finally we watched an AVP of the kids and have some snacks. My wife even bought a cake for the kids. Lastly, she wrapped the teddy bears that

From left: Derlyn Maceda, Beverly Salviejo, Lance Raymundo, Carlo Maceda with Tahan Tahanan people

she purposely used to hang on our Christmas tree, we call it the “Tree of love,” as we gave away these bears to the sick and less fortunate kids after Christmas, to bring smiles on their faces. She was teary-eyed all through out.

Thank you kids and Tahan-tahanan people for letting us share and experience this memorable day.

Thank you, Derlyn, my charitable and thoughtful wife for showing me a very meaningful Valentine’s Day! You never fail to surprise me. You always share love all year round to different charity organizations . You are truly a Charity Queen , the queen of my heart .

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