Since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow (Sunday), here is a list of cool things you can do with your other half; plus the perfect outfit to go on each date.


Go “dirty dancing” together.

It has been said that one of the sexiest dances is salsa. Indeed, you spend most of the time up close and personal with your partner, working together to achieve sensual moves. So, take lessons together or head to a salsa club on Valentine’s!
One of my favorite places to go is La Dolce Vita (Polaris St., Bel Air, Makati, from 10 P.M. to 1 A.M., on Thursdays); but since Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday, you can head to M Café (Greenbelt 4, Makati from 6 P.M. to 10 P.M.).




These tassel dresses will look beautiful while your partner is spinning you around on the dance floor. Make sure to take a video to enjoy its full effect ; If you’re not too comfortable wearing a dress while you take your first dance lessons, try a comfortable pair of pants and a top or jacket with tassels.
As for footwear, you really need to wear heels to feel the full effect of “dirty dancing” (your posture alone will change due to your heels).

There are dancing shoes that you can easily find or you can wear low thick heels. But if you are feeling confident on your feet you can always go for the higher heels; as long as there are straps to secure the heels properly to your feet.
Remember not too accessorize too much as a bracelet or necklace or earrings might get caught on your partner, or fall off while you are dancing. I find that a light “head piece” though holds just fine.


Try something new with your partner.

This Valentine’s eve, you can attend the “Power of Two” a partner yoga session that will make you work together and get closer through the relaxing art of yoga. To reserve a slot, call the Life Yoga Center at (63 2) 886 7500.


Nowadays there are so many cute workout clothes. Don’t hesitate to get colorful. This green for instance is one of my favorite colors right now. Mix and match tops and bottoms. And for those worried about wearing body fit clothes, remember that darker colors are slimming.


Go to a music festival.

The Serenata Festival is every year on February 14, in Pasay city. Experience different types of music and witness contests that showcase the talent and skills Filipinos posses.


Speaking of favorite colors, rose quartz and serenity are dubbed as the colors of the year! So be sure to try these colors out. Cute shorts and flowy tops are always best for an outdoor festival, so you don’t feel too hot, and are comfortable even when you bump into the crowd. Since this is still a date, if you want to wear heels, be sure to choose chunky heels so they are easier to walk around, and also the heels doesn’t dig into the grass. Heels with straps have an extra security advantage.


Go and watch an “interesting” parody.

50 Shades! the musical parody is in town right now (from February 13 to 28). So watch the funny musical version of one of the most controversial valentine movies ever, and have a nice laugh! Tickets are available at Ticketworld.com.ph


Since you will be indoors, covering up is a good idea (its usually freezing cold in cinemas and theaters around metro manila!). wear pants and a cover up (a jacket, open sweater, etc.) But don’t worry, you don’t have to sacrifice your sexiness in order to keep warm. Wear skinny jeans and a crop top under your open cover up. And since you will be seated most of the time, don’t hesitate to bring out the skyhigh super pointy stilettos.


Have dinner to a romantic concert.

If you are more of the old fashioned romantic, then a valentine dinner concert is perfect for you. And luckily, the “King of Romance” is back in town! Dan Hill will be performing live while you enjoy a delicious dinner. Tickets are available at Ticketworld.com.ph



Since this is a romantic dinner date, you can wear something a bit more formal. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a gown; a simple long dress will do just fine when accessorized properly. Remember that when you accessorize more isn’t always best. If you have a “big” or flashy accessory, stick to just that one. I find that when you have your hair up, beautiful earrings do the trick just fine.


The saying “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is totally true!

I know cooking him a homemade meal doesn’t seem like a special thing, especially if you’ve done it before or do it on a regular basis. But you can make this extra special by preparing a special menu of all of his favorite dishes. From appetizer, to starter,  to main course, to side dish, to desert, to his favorite foreign beer, etc. Make it the best gastronomical experience his tummy could ever have!


Since you will be at home, a laidback outfit is more appropriate. You can go for a “flowy” long dress, or play up the “housewife” look since you will be cooking for him, and choose a cute little dress with lace or cute pastel colors. Once again, I’ve used the colors of the year as they fit perfectly with the cute theme.


Spend the night in, outside of home.

If you prefer a more private/intimate kind of date, away from the valentine madness (restaurants and events), then a romantic hotel stay is perfect for you. Book a room at your favorite hotel or even nearest hotel; change into the fluffy bathrobes, have a nice bubble bath together and order in room service. Guaranteed to be the most relaxing Valentine’s you’ve ever had. You can even bring some extra “props” like candles, flowers, wine, etc. to make your stay even more romantic.


For a sexy yet comfortable night “in”, choose satin materials. Black and nude colors are always most classy when it comes to lingerie. Also you don’t have to go skimpy to be sexy. You can wear cute shorts and a nice spaghetti top; as long as there are a few sexy details (lace and such).
If you want to be even more comfortable, a satin robe over you sexy pajamas. You can also add cute footwear to your outfit. Regular house slippers are fine; but I love fluffy indoor boots that are perfect to keep your feet warm.

Now, all you have to do is choose which date fits you and your partner best; and wear the corresponding outfit!

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