By Joyce Rochelle Montañano

This is a feel good teleserye that tackles diversity in every human relationship, the husband-wife relationship, the daughter-parent relationship, the employee-employer relationship, the psychologist-client relationship, and the pet-human relationship (where the human loves her pet more than her partner)

13434273_10208489811115053_1831614369_nAfter Ms. Jaclyn Jose made our country proud with her recent Best Actress Award in the prestigious 69th Cannes Film Festival last May, here she goes again with her new TV show in GMA 7 entitled A1 Ko Sa’yo. It premiered last June 2 and will air every Thursday night on telebabad (weeknight program in GMA 7).It also stars Denise Barbacena,Gardo Versoza, Gee Canlas, Mara Alberto, Benjamin Alves, Ervic Vijandre, Solenn Heussaff, Sef Cadayona and Roi Vinzon, directed by Randy Santiago.

A1 KoSa’yois a sexy comedy teleserye about a frustrated beauty queen, DignaMolina (played by Ms. Jaclyn) who now runs her own talent agency called A1. She has a daughter named Kaycee(played by Denise Barbacena) who also has a dream of becoming a beauty queen, and a handsome therapist husband named Rolly(played by Gardo Versoza) whom she might have been slept with for only once.

13414716_10208489904517388_1646212315_n13407562_10208489796874697_622272390_nWhile her husband tries to solve his clients’ marital issues, he cannot solve theirs. He always told his clients that they must try their best to satisfy each others needs. But he wasn’t able to do it for Digna. He always declined every time Digna tried to seduce him. Fortunately they haven’t had a huge fight, they undoubtedly love each other, they have a genuine friendship, and mutual respect.

Ms. Jaclyn wows us in this teleserye not just by her simple and effective humor, but also because she doesn’t care about how she would look like on the boob tube. She doesn’t care if she would look too fat. She doesn’t care if we see her flaws and imperfections, and that’s what real artists should be.

13435764_10208489903437361_1647466511_n13401178_10208489900837296_946583471_nSolenn Heusaff and Roi Vinzon also surprised us with their unusual roles.Solenn, whom we known as “sosy,”rich and  “conyo,”plays a “kalog,” “raketeramodel who can speak in pure Tagalog (with improved accent that is not that to French anymore). While the villain, prime Kontrabida of Pinoy action films, Roi Vinzon plays Primo (a.k.a. Prima), a “pamintagay man.

As most of the old school teleseryeshave beenpresenting imperfect, unideal and diverse human relationships as depressing, this one only looked at it as funny.So far, it has successfully been entertaining and informative. And for a dramatic actress like Ms. Jaclyn, she never stops to impress her audience with her versatility.  Though we are still about to see where these relationships will go in the end.

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