By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

“Well, I expected that…I know they’re so happy to know the real score between me and Nadine. What can I say but, I’m happy that they’re happy. I’m glad that everybody’s happy!”


            Love teams are a tried-and-tested formula to propel the popularity of a screen tandem, especially if the two stars involved eventually fall in love with each other for real. And fans support them all the more. This holds true in the case of many of the industry’s classic screen pairs like Nora Aunor-Tirso Cruz III, Vilma Santos-Edgar Mortiz, Sharon Cuneta-Gabby Concepcion, Maricel Soriano-William Martinez and Sheryl Cruz-Romnick Sarmenta, to name a few.

            Just recently, one of the hottest love teams in contemporary times hit the headlines with their admission that officially, they are a couple, much to the delight of their followers. When James Reid professed his great love for perennial screen partner Nadine Lustre during their hit concert titled JaDine in Love at the Araneta Coliseum last February 20, pandemonium broke loose inside the Big Dome. Indeed, it was a dream-come-true for their millions of followers.

            Actually, it was in 2014 when Viva Entertainment gambled on their screen tandem via the silver screen adaptation of the best-selling novel Diary ng Panget which became the year’s surprise box-office hit. The public got curious of their fresh combination (James used to be a housemate in the renowned reality show Pinoy Big Brother while Nadine originally headlined the singing group Pop Girls) and discovered their intense screen chemistry. As Eya and Cross in the said potboiler, James and Nadine captured the hearts of avid movie buffs.

            Their next projects Talk Back and You’re Dead and Para sa Hopeless Romantic were also huge success at the tills which further cemented their position as one of the most bankable love teams of this generation. This holds true to their maiden ABS-CBN soap opera On the Wings of Love which is a certified prime time top-rater. In all those times, many wished that they become a real-life couple because they hugely complement each other on and off-cam.

            And though there were past issues involving James with other girls, eventually, he admitted the true status of his relationship with Nadine, something which he said he didn’t do it just for the fans.

            “Of course not!” he averred. “It’s my own decision. I just wanted to do it…for my sake and not for our followers.” The handsome lad perfectly knew that this was a very welcome development to their hordes of supporters.

            What was their courtship like?

            “It’s the normal Filipino way,” he shared. “Even if I grew up in Australia, I opted to keep the Filipino tradition in courting Nadine. Back in Sydney, it’s different when we court girls there. But in Nadine’s case, it’s different.

            “Like in usual Filipino setting, I asked permission from her father first. Of course, for respect and for him to know that my intention for his daughter is clean. It’s also to show him my seriousness and sincerity. I’m happy and grateful that he understood and respected me!”

            By saying Filipino way of courtship, does it mean he also visited Nadine’s house?

            “Yes! That is customary here so I did it,” he quickly replied.                Interestingly, many are curious to know when they officially became a couple.

            “February 11 to be exact!” James revealed. “We were on a dinner date. Actually, my original plan was to surprise Nadine on the day of our major concert, to do the admission there. But during that particular dine-out, I decided to do it there.

            “I was like, ‘I bet you didn’t know I could be like this!’ and she was like, ‘Yeah, I didn’t expect this from you!’ I told her that it’s different when I’m in love and she asked if at present, I really feel that way. That’s the perfect timing I was waiting for. I answered yes. So her reaction after the concert, she was simply speechless. She just literally sat there while smiling!”

            Now that they’ve already let the cat out in the bag, so to speak, many are curious if the romance of James and Nadine will truly soar higher as they rode the success of On The Wings Of Love. Let’s wait and see, folks!

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