11889971_10155949308090693_659102207524666361_oAugust 29, 2015

By: Comic Book Aficionado

“They could be anywhere,” Agent Coulson tells his Secret Warriors. They’re slowly walking towards an abandoned mansion; it looks ominous, as if Hell had ran through it. It’s raining, and the skies are black. The air is cold, piercing the skin like hornet stings.

Everyone has their guns ready, except for Quake. She doesn’t need them; one false move, and she will bring the house down from under it.

Coulson kicks the door down.

“We know you’re here,” Coulson yells. “Let’s make this easy on yourself.”

The room is completely dark, and there’s an uneasy silence inside.

“I’m not here to fight,” a voice responds from the abyss.

Suddenly, a flame comes on, and the Secret Warriors immediately point their weapons in front of them.

Sitting on a wheelchair, a bald man is smiling. “Please, put those down,” he tells them. “We mean no harm.”

Behind him is a Japanese man with his hand on fire. A teenager with wings. A boy with red sunglasses. A large man who is hanging from the ceiling. A figure of ice. And a beautiful young woman with crimson hair.

“Are you Inhumans?” Coulson asks.

“No,” the bald man says. “We’re mutants.”


What did I just describe? The possible post-credit scene of “Avengers: The Infinity War Part II.”

As I mentioned before, the Marvel-Fox deal that I dropped several months ago (and shook the Internet) is still in ongoing discussions, made bigger now with Fox wanting the Taskmaster and an X-Men TV series from Marvel.

To those who missed it, the plan is to have the Avengers meet the X-Men in 2020.

It’s early. But Marvel Studios always thinks ahead. They already had a plan for Spider-Man in “Captain America: Civil War” even before the Sony deal happened.

Can things change? Sure, they always do. Bug was supposed to be in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” for example. But get excited. Really excited.

Imagine a two-part Avengers/X-Men film wherein the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants launch an attack on the U.S. Who is your friend? Who is your foe?

Then you ask yourself, “How the fuck can they top this?”

You do a sequel in which the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants make the mistake of invading Latveria.

And they are Doomed.

I guess you can say the sequel will be fantastic.

You probably can’t type right now.  You guys just spilled your coffee.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Now you see how sensitive this information is. Billions of dollars on the line.

At this point, both Marvel AND Fox need to top everything they have done before. And this is one of the ways, I whisper to you now.

When the Marvel/Fox deal is finalized, this is what you can expect.

Top secret.

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