Be Aware…or Beware?


Is it true that the lovely daughter of the newly-proclaimed mayor of Tacloban City, Cristina Gonzales-Romualdez, is now on the hot seat?  Is it true that Sofia, 16-year old daughter, posted foul and venomous remarks against Vice Presidential leading candidate Lenib Robredo?

On her Twitter account (@SofiaRomualdez), Sofia posted:  “P___  Leni, bobo naman yan,  walang alam yan, t___na nyo.”

Is it true that currently, because of the deluge of negative comments, the said post was already deleted and her mom, actress-turned-politician Cristina, turned to the social media and extended her hand to Leni and her supporters. She apologized for her daughter’s post against the Cam Sur representative.

Hmmm… Slums may well be the breeding grounds of crime and hooligans, but the upper class suburbs are incubators of insensitivity and delirium!

However, a colleague defended the young girl. We were told that the way the message was written was very unlikely of Sofia because she doesn’t speak fluent Tagalog. Sofia, as our source informed us grew up in an international school and she only speaks Waray and English. Does it mean someone used Sofia’s account to create animosity between parties, especially now that the counting for the vice presidential race is marred by controversy?


Our colleague Joey Sarmiento, and a friend of successful businesswoman Ms. Kathlyn Dupaya and owner of MK Salon (an establishment in Brunei), would like to inform the  public to be aware of this person, Mercy Rubia, former worker of MK Salon, who is currently lurking in Manila.

Mercy who?

According to the statement coming from the management of MK Salon, Mercy allegedly stole some of the business earnings by pocketing the costumer’s payment and by not turning it over to the business cashier.

In addition, Mercy is allegedly not competent on her job as hair stylist since a lot of complaints have been received  from the clients and a large number of back jobs have been done, at the expense of the salon.

Also, it was reported that Mercy was engaged in a series of illegal relationships with a string of foreigners waiting outside the business while at work.

MK Salon is a respected establishment especially among the Filipino communities in Brunei and the alleged image Mercy is trying to project was detrimental to the business, hence, she was fired and was given a 2-month salary as a separation fee. Aside from that, MK Salon bought a one-way ticket for her from Brunei to Manila as it was also the business entity who recruited her directly from her local home town.

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