Sept 2, 2015
By Gwendoline Ruais



Get the “Fresh Look” in 6 easy steps!


Daily make up should always be Quick & Easy; plus, it should be a light Fresh Look, as this is appropriate for any occasion.

If doing make up everyday is taking too much of your precious time, I have friends (beauty queens and non-beauty queens), who can do it in just one (1) hour.  Let’s face it, if you run out late in the morning, the faster the routine, the better. This is what I call my “Lazy Make Up.” I only do this if I have to work and look presentable, but I’m too lazy to do the “Full Beauty Queen Make Up.”

So, if speed is the issue, why not go for 2 steps? Thick black eye liner and red lips? 
Well, simply because the “Fresh Look” is the “safe” look!
 No matter what you have planned for the day, if you attend class in the morning, have lunch with the girls, go to a yoga class afterwards, then go for a dinner date, and end with a few drinks at your favorite bar; the fresh look fits perfectly with all those different activities. And if you want, you can always add a darker shade of lipstick for the evening.


So here we go, the 6 Steps to my “Fresh Look” / “Lazy Make Up”  




  1. Start with powder under your eyes. If you have nice skin, all you need to do to look fresh is to cover a bit of the “dark circles” under your eyes from a late night.
 I used Laura Mercier’s Foundation Powder, but the MAC Studio Fix compact powderis good too.


  1. Add life to your face with one of my favorite “tools”: Blush! Just a bit of a pinky glow makes a big difference right away. I usually use NARS Deep Throat, but I ran out, so I got a quick fix at the gas station (bought this pink Fashion 21blush) and it works just as good!




  1. Bring out the SPARKLE in your eyes! Put a bit of eye shadow on the inside corner of your eyes. Make sure it’s the one with gold sparkly bits. I don’t recommend the silver/white tones for us Filipinas (we aren’t European “white” so those tones don’t really look natural on us. Instead embrace your beautiful tan Filipino skin and make it glow even more with gold tones). I use the MAC pigments(though I don’t remember which shade this is because I put the pigments in a smaller container for easier on-the-go use.


  1. Contour your eyes with the classic black eye liner. Just a simple line and you can see the change right away. I don’t like having smudged black at the bottom of my eyes at the end of a long day, so I always go for the Waterproof kind.
 And out of all the ones I tested this BOURJOIS Contour Clubbingthat I found in Paris is the best. And as its name implies, it’s perfect for clubbing as it is super dark black and so resistant, it will still be on and smudge free even after a whole night of clubbing!




  1. Next is mascara, of course! Just like with blush, everyone looks so much prettier with long thick lashes.
 So I use MAYBELLINE’S The Mega Plush Volum’ Expressto make my lashes all thick and long; and just like for the eye liner, I super recommend the Waterproof version.
Because nothing says NOT FRESH like black smudge all over your eyes at the end of the day!


  1. And finally, a bit of color for your lips! The best way to enhance your lips but still keep the natural “fresh look” is by using lip gloss.
The best ones are those with a slight shade to it. Choose natural shades like light pink, peach, nude, etc.
 One of the best I’ve ever tried is NAPOLEON PERDISbecause it’s the perfect balance between a lip gloss and a lipstick. It’s nice and shiny, but at the same time, the shine and color lasts because it has that thicker sticky lipstick feel. I used the shade Kate for this look.


And Voila! quick and easy “Fresh Look”



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