Filipino singers are world class.

Filipinos love to sing. Whether some sound irritating or some have draw-dropping singing skills,  it has become part of the culture. In almost every party and event, there will always be singing. A simple family gathering, karaoke machines are always present.

Foreign Vloggers took notice of the singing prowess of Filipinos by receiving comments and messages, requesting them to view it. And their reactions are amazing. At first, they are puzzled by these requests of Filipino singers who they have never heard sing nor even familiar with. But when they started playing it, either they pause in silence with their jaws on the floor or utter these simple words “Wait…whattttt?”

They use videos from Wish FM 107.5 Wishclusive Videos. Wish FM is a Manila FM Radio station broadcasting live from state-of-the-art WISH 107.5 Mobile Radio Bus.

Watch below how Filipino singers silenced these foreigners or went totally out their minds. Enjoy!

1. Roland ‘Bunot’ Abante – To Love Somebody (Michael Bolton) Reaction

Credits: Music Game News – Source

2. Marcelito Pomoy’s The Prayer Cover (REACTION)

Credits: Y & A Reacts – Source

3. Michael Pangilinan Covers “Lay Me Down” | Merry Reacts

Credits: allMERRYeverything – Source

4. Morissette Amon covers Secret Love Song (Little Mix) LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus REACTION

Credits: itsdro – Source

5. Fomo Daily Reacts To Darren Espanto “Chandelier” Sia Cover

Credits: Fomo Daily – Source

6. ZIA Slays Crazy! Amazing! Reaction! 🔥

Credits: HugKnucklesTV – Source

7. Katrina Velarde nails “Go The Distance” REACTION!!!!

Credits: Essenceofval – Source

8. Bugoy Drilon covers “One Day” LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus REACTION

Credits: Ronny Reacts – Source

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