My wife and I had the privilege of attending the premiere night of one of the most awaited films this month from Regal films. My Rebound Girl delivers  a fresh take on not giving up on finding your true love amidst several heartaches. What is interesting first , is that we find new faces, a new tandem that complemented and delivered in what used to be a John Lloyd- Sarah and Derek Ramsay – Anne Curtis dominated genre. It was a breath of fresh air to see Joseph Marco and Alex Gonzaga in the big screen.

Alex who played, Rocky, was naturally funny and lovable. You will surely relate with her character.  Joseph Marco, through this film is now a certified romcom hunk. You have to see the movie to get a glimpse of his well chiseled body. For sure gays and gals will be in for a delightful surprise. The audience giggled and reacted on every scene they can relate to. The story was well crafted there was never a dull moment with beautiful shots in Benguet that highlights the vastness of Love. The director of the film Emmanuel dela Cruz melded laughter and tears in one bittersweet fruit salad coffee blend that gives a yummy feeling that lasts even after you have left the cinema. You have to catch the movie to get that Perfect Blend. My Rebound Girl is a perfect date night movie that you can cuddle to. Watch it now in Cinemas!


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