MCU will be pretty much be a whole again.
MCU will be pretty much be a whole again. (c) Marvel’s House of M

By: Comic Book Aficionado

What’s up my true believers?! I scooped Marvel dealing with Fox several days ago here in, and I know some of you are really excited to know more!

Here are the details I know thus far.

1) The deal is in layers. The X-Men TV series will be announced first, and according to one of my insiders from Fox and Marvel, they are going to be holding a press conference for it. When? I was told “soon.” So right now, I don’t have the exact date. I’ll let you guys posted!

2) The X-Men and the Fantastic Four in the MCU will be revealed to the public afterward. They want the X-Men TV show to get all the headlines first.

3) The Hollywood Reporter, the one who broke the story about Ike Perlmutter’s cheapness nearly causing Kevin Feige to quit, will then break the news to the mainstream.

4) It was Feige who made this happen. Perlmutter got in the way, and now it’s being pushed through. The timing is NOT a coincidence.

Until then, there will be denials from both parties, just like Marvel and Sony, and I was the only one who held on to that until its successful completion.

5) “X-Factor,” as I reported before, is most likely the show; however, creative input from Marvel “might” alter that. Fox also wanted the Starjammers.

This is so exciting.

Once I get the green light, I’ll keep you guys posted before it blows up globally!


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