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            “When it ended, we became good friends. She wanted to focus more on her career and I also wanted to focus on my work. Actually, we just made a movie together. My lovelife now is zero, but I’m dating Ella Cruz.”


A former Star Magic artist, Brent Jackson admitted that he wanted some changes in his career, thus, he moved to Viva Management.12506658_10205348705499695_1418704778_n He was project-less at a time when James Reid called and invited him to join Viva. “James Reid is my best friend and I was in Dumaguete when he called me and told me that he is with Viva. He said, why not come to Manila and try Viva?” that’s how our interview started.

It’s timely for the 24-year old PBB 2010 Teen Clash alumnus to join Viva because this year, the production is now handling the entertainment side of TV5, and he was happy to break us the news that he is doing a dramaserye with Claudine Barretto and Diether Ocampo entitled Bakit Manipis Ang Ulap, and on the side, he will be doing Wattpad Presents from time to time.

Unlike before, right after he came out from PBB, he used to go bar-hopping with friends. But now, it’s a work-home-work routine due to loads of work that keeps him going. We asked of his picture we saw in the social media with friends James, Andi Eigenmann and others in a bar, “Yes, that was eight months ago paya ta. It’s been awhile,” he shared.

Without hesitation, he admitted that his relationship with Andi only lasted for few months. But the12483497_10205348704739676_950035155_ny have remained as friends. “We made the movie together in Angela Markado. I played his boyfriend, not one of the rapist. It was good to work with Carlo Caparas, it was great working with a legendary director,” he shared. “I also had the chance to work with Joel Lamangan in my first movie.

Feeling ko I was super blessed to work with legends.”

Back to Andi, he claimed her ex was great and a very nice person. They were a hot item months ago when suddenly, their relationship went pfft!

“It seems my luck still remained dormant that’s why I went back home and enjoyed surfing, until my friend James called me up and lucky enough, Viva took me in. I am happy now with Viva, Boss Vic is great. Viva takes care of their artists well,” he stressed.

After Andi, he became hesitant of falling in love again. “Of course it was not traumatic,” he defended. “Let’s just put it this way. I slow down with love matters. No trauma, infact, I was dating Ella Cruz for awhile, and were very closed. But for the moment, work muna12512061_10205348690299315_2027760049_nkasi I have a lot of projects coming up this year. Thank God for the blessings.”

Since he’s of legal age, it will be his first time to cast his vote this coming May national election. At this early he is now rooting for Mayor Rudy Duterte of Davao City. “Actually, it’s Duterte because my aunt and uncle are governors in Davao. They are closed to Mayor Duterte, therefore, they will go for Mayor Duterte and I will be voting for him,” he shared.

He also cleared and defended Duterte when the mayor bad-mouthing Pope Francis. “I don’t think that’s what he meant,” he insisted. “I think, he was just talking about the traffic. Sometimes, people get things the wrong way but I don’t think that’s what he meant. For me, Duterte is the right president for the country for the next six years.”

On the squabbles between presidentiables, Mar Roxas and Duterte, Brent kept his mouth closed on the matter. “I don’t have to say anything about that. I mean, it’s not really a part of the campaign. I don’t think that is where they will focus on, but instead, will focus on something about their plans for the people. I mean, all the these stuffs are just for a show,” he said. Good luck to your career this 2016.

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