By Maryo Labad

 “I know this is a big risk for me. We don’t know until when we can sustain this, but I’m here for a purpose and I’m here to stay for a longer period of time and make the millennials be proud of our heritage.”

Image: Instagram @chino3nidad
Image: Instagram @chino3nidad

Veteran sports caster and anchor Chino Trinidad is now making a shift away from his comfort zone. Although not a complete one; all he wanted to do is to  find a niche where he can use the medium he loves most to make a difference in the consciousness of the millennial boob tube audience today. It’s not  a career-shift, but to celebrate victory through our great history and culture. Thus, he decided to establish a local cable channel called Pilipinas HD.

Basically, all Chino wanted is to inspire and educate, especially the present youth about the great Filipino heroes of our past, and celebrate  today’s victory of change that our country has achieved in recent years. He wanted to be more of a crusader that would last for a long time, than just an advocacy for change that would fade along with any meaningful citizen longing to move forward for a better tomorrow.

“I’m not leaving my work as a sports news reporter. I love my job and I’m just trying to put more meaning to my work as a broadcast journalist.  I want to share the meaning of heroism to our next generation. I want to tell the story  of our past and re-educate the people who have forgotten how great it is to be a Filipino,” explained the Pilipinas HD founder.

As a broadcaster, Chino said that a good show needed the three (3) Es (Entertain, Educate and Enlighten). And with Pilipinas HD, he aimed of making all shows agent for change. That it should be a channel for change, and the kind of change that the people is yearning for. And it should propagate a celebration of our country’s history and culture.

Trinidad added, “We are not a company. We are a movement for change. A movement that says, ‘Here is your heritage.Now, what are you going to do with it?’’ For him, it is a movement that will hold your head up high, so proud, knowing how great it is to be a Filipino.


13535838_10154437586727323_611653383_n13565623_10154437586887323_893768834_nPilipinas HD is now ready to air officially today (June 28) to all  cable TV distributor. Although it is still a work-in-progress, Chino hoped that Filipinos will eventually appreciate their hard work in presenting the whole gamut of our history, as extensive, as entertaining and educational, as possible.

A sports broadcaster for more than two decades, Chino said that there’s no conflict with his mother studio. In fact, he informed his GMA 7 bosses regarding his new project. He was offered to be a block time producer,  but he preferred to do it independently.  He is proud to admit that he is ably supported with young staff (less than 20 employees), who are passionate to share their love for their country.

Pilipinas HD could be a platform for young Filipinos who want to make a change in the country. They can just present their materials for people to see as long as it is all about Filipino heroism,” Chino disclosed. In the near future, he wanted to have a Plipinas HD film festival.

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