August 22, 2015
By: Alwin M. Ignacio

Martin at HOME in the Theater
Martin at HOME in the Theater

I’m not worried about being number two, I’ve been there, I’ve been number last… and the best thing about being last is getting up again. 

This year, the color purple plays significantly in the life of Concert King Martin Nievera, the man who is worth of our hugs and love for giving us songs that have become personal favorites for most of us. And why is this so? The country’s Concert Royal cannot contain his excitement as he celebrates fabulously his 33rd year, with an anniversary concert, billed as Martin, Home At The Theater, which will happen at the world class The Theatre of the Solaire.

“We thought that maybe we should give the anniversary a perfect place to celebrate it, so we are in the most beautiful theater in all over the Philippines. And my new home is The Theatre at the Solaire,” shares Martin.

The Theatre at the Solaire is the artist’s new concert playground, today’s premiere venue in the arts and entertainment scene. With a capacity of 1,760, this fan-shaped lyric theater is the first in the Philippines and the third in Asia to have the Constellation Acoustic System, a cutting-edge technology created by Meyer Sound. At the flick of the button,  it enables the acoustical properties of the hall to be altered to suit the nature of the performance taking place.


“Audiences can expect a lot of throwbacks and flashbacks at the now songs,” he adds. “You’ll hear the songs that you’ve been dying for me to sing. ‘Yung mga kanta kasi ngayon, puro pakuwento-kuwento na lang, walang nagra-rhyme. Eh kami, we’re from the ‘80s, we do things differently.  I’m sick and tired of medleys.”

“You want full songs, right? But not just my songs,” he shares. “We’re gonna bring a lot of songs that you might hear in Vegas’ casinos. It’s gonna be a long night, that is for sure. You will see me, goofing like a kid in a grown up party.”

 “I wanna get away from that stiff feeling that you get in a theater,” he promises. “I don’t really see myself in stiff tuxedo with a tie, I hate that. The focus here, is not for me, but the audience. For sure, I’m going to attack this gig like it’s my first and my last.”

 His long time friend, artistic collaborator and musical director is Louie Ocampo. “We have so many memories together and then we kinda grew apart. But to be together again with Louie is like just being at home,” Martin declares.

 For a time, the buddies went separate ways not because of artistic clashes or personal differences, but due to their schedules not being in sync.

 Louie explains: “To make the long story short, offers were also coming my way that were in conflict with Martin’s schedule. I am happy that we are finally working again because every time I play for Martin, even if it’s a song we’ve done a thousand times, he brings something different to it all the time.

“The best thing about it is that he can actually do a whole show without singing. He actually makes me cry laughing. He’s funny.”

Martin avers: “I like it that we were able to spend time apart. Just like also in a relationship, it’s good to go apart sometimes. How can he miss me if I’m always there?”

What he wishes to achieve with this concert? “I’m hoping that the response will be to the point na… ‘Hey, let’s do a repeat and make it a series.’ Coz if we’re gonna do a series, we should go downstairs, right? This hotel is just growing. I mean, my God… hopefully it would be a place where we can do a regular gig, not only for up-and-coming singers but performers who really push up singing. I mean singers who should be singing nightly. That’s really the life. I am hoping we would start that.”

Martin elaborates: “There are so many things that are happening. But as far as a singer like myself, we’re just dying to sing. I’m looking for a place to sing. Big, small… it doesn’t really matter. I’ve done nightly shows, I’ve done shows in almost every hotel in the strip. In fact, I’ll be at the M Resort again in December, on the strip of Las Vegas. We can do that here. We should do that here.”

The Concert King concludes: “I am doing this concert not because I want to prove anything. I’m not worried about being number two, I’ve been there, I’ve been number last… and the best thing about being last is getting up again. Wala nang competition kundi ‘yung sarili ko or time. How long can I keep this up is what I always ask myself. I don’t want to pretend and act like this big superstar. As an artist, I just want to be myself. That’s how I keep my sanity.”

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