By  Evo Joel Contrivida

 “I want everyone to be with me in my journey, in music, as an artist, as a person, mas personal pagkinanta mo. Music is a universal language that you can express by singing and composing, nungsinulatkoyung “Home” and “Hanggang Hi and Hello,” I wanted to relate to people.”


Total performer Darren Espanto did level up in his latest album entitled Be With Me under MCA Music where two of his compositions were included.The 10-track solo album is a learning thing for the 15-year old teen who hails from Calgary, Canada and shot bigtime after he landed runner-up in The Voice Kids to big winner Lyca.

During his tell all album launching recently, Espanto insisted that he is now on the verge of getting mature in making music, his original composition “Home” is his feelings toward how a certain person misses those simple things that makes him happy, while “Hanggang Hi and Hello” is how someone feels when he adored someone but doesn’t have enough courage to say it.

Be With Me album is also a showcase of topnotch composers who gave Darren their latest masterpieces, like the carrier single “7 Minutes” is by international composers Cimo Frankel, Jochem Fluitisma, Mark Van Tijn and Ramon Marco. It reach No.1 spot in iTunes on its first day of release. Singaporean composer Amir Masoh is also on the track for the song “Starlight,” he is behind those Asian singing stars Jacky Cheung and Ziana Zain. Plus the Pinoy composers Kiko Guevera, Jungee Marcelo, Jay-R, Kiko Salazar and Pinoy Berlin based composer, Jeffrey Abrego.13444217_10154388075167323_543961946_n

After two years straight in the music scene, Darren admitted that he’s experiencing some changes in his voice  now that he is entering manhood. He stressed that it is normal for teens to have this kind of change, but so far it kept him getting better.

“So far, nararamdaman ko na, pero naaabot ko pa rin yung mga kinakanta ko na matataas, pero I can say that my voice has changed in a better way, kasi kumapal sya na buo when I belt.” Darren explained.

Darren is also known as one of the young artists who has a large number of fan base, both here and abroad. He had a numerous viral video hits and huge numbers of followers in  various social media platforms, that’s why he is still prone to some controversies online. But his recent post about backstabbing caught the attention of many. Is he into a war with fellow artists? Obviously, he refused to name those involved, but admitted  that he did learn a valuable lesson to it.

“The people you trust the most, minsansila pa yunggagawa ng mali towards you, one thing I learn nahindilahat ng nakangitisa‘yo, are going to be nice or trustworthy.,the young singer stressed.

Among his batch, only Darren didn’t venture into acting, so far, either in  the movie or in the boob tube. Although he admitted that after The Vocie, he was encouraged by Ms. Lea Salonga to  audition for the musical play, The King and I in New York.  “Nagustuhan naman nila ako but they were asking me to stay in New York, unfortunately, fully book nayung schedule ko kaya hindi natuloy.” Darren narrated.

In line with his second album, a second major concert is also set this June 25 at the Kia Theater called The Total Experience,and among his guests are Maja Salvador, Jed Madela, G-Force and a lot more. He called this concert as something he wanted to do to show more of him as an artist.

“Gusto Experience, kasi  parang nickname ko sa The Voice, the Total Performer, so gusto kong ibigay sa kanila sa concert na to, yung Total Experience.” Darren said in closing.

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