“Life is here.” That’s the new slogan of one of the most popular cities in the country today…Davao. Even before President Rodrigo Duterte became the head of the country, Davao City has been a favorite destination, both by local and foreign tourists. In the past, it was called as the “Orchid Capital of the Philippines” because of the various orchids that thrived and flourished in the region. But what makes the city more interesting is the fact that for years it is known as the “Home of the Royalties.” Aside from being a big banana exporter, Davao holds other notable distinctions – “king of fruits” (durian), “king of mountains” (Mt. Apo), “king of birds” (eagle), and “queen of orchids” (Waling-waling). Of the may recreational sites within the vast city of Davao, we asked some friends from Davao Guide (a group of DOT licensed local tour guides), namely, Decee Ray Canoy and his colleagues, to provide us information as a guide to potential tourists in completing their travel bucket list. So here we go…

1. Pearl Farm. The only tourist destination outside of the city, but behold, the place is considered a 5-star resort.. It is located at the Island Garden City of Samal, a 45-minute drive from the center. And it is the number one place in the city where people want to visit. It is now owned and managed by the Floirendo family.

Pearl Farm Resort / Image via expedia.com.ph

2. Philippine Eagle Center. It is the only center in the whole country intended for our majestic national bird, the Philippine Eagle. It is located at barangay Malagos, Calinan. Help protect and preserve an endangered specie.

Philippine Eagle Center / Image via philippinesdavao.com

3. If you are a nature lover, Eden Nature Park is the best place for you. You can commune with nature and see the imposing view of Davao and at the same time experience fun-filled rides. A wonderful experience on how man can recreate a lost environment. It is just within barangay Eden Bayabas, Toril.

Eden Nature Park / Image via avielletours.wordpress.com

4. Your Davao sojourn is incomplete without visiting Apo ni Lola Durian Delicacies. Davao is synonymous with durian, so your Davao experience is fully satisfying only if you have treated yourself with durian delicacies.

Apo ni Lola Delicacies / Image via justgola.com

5. Crocodile Park is in the list, as the only crocodile park in the region where you’ll get the chance to try their exotic dishes aside from seeing different species of the said wild animal, located along the Diversio Road, Maa. Aside from watching and tasting meat crocs, you will also enjoy the amazing fire show at night.

Crocodile Park / Image via ochibernadas.blogspot.com

6. A more relaxing atmosphere, try Malagos Garden Resort. Also located near the eagle center, the venue will provide you fun and yet educational with the entertaining bird show. You also have the chance to make your own chocolate at the resort.

Malagos Garden Resort / Image via philippinetraveler.com

7. For more educational trip and learn about the Davao, you can visit Museo Dabawenyo. A museum is the soul of the city. See the rich culture and history of Davao for free.

Museo Dabawenyo / Image via tarabaiii.blogspot.com

8. Just along the city’s boulevard, check D’bone Collector, one of the few bone museums in the world. Get awed with their more than 2,000 species of animals and learn how they evolved.

D’bone Collector / Image via vigattintourism.com
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