By Trixie Dauz

Ambrose is popularly  known as a lunatic for his unplanned fighting strategy and his capacity to bounce back and defeat his opponent after having sustained several injuries.   


The road to Wrestlemania was free and clear and everybody knew where they were goin’. Triple H planned going to Wrestlemania as the WWE Heavyweight Champion and then he planned on taking on Roman Reigns…and then Dean Ambrose shows up and threatens to screw everything up,” said Ambrose in a flashback video played during the start of WWE Roadblock’s main event held at Toronto, Canada last Saturday.

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The 14-time WWE Heavyweight Champion and Executive Vice President, “The Game” Triple H may be 30 pounds heavier than Ambrose, but the latter had no problems doing a hip toss on the former with one hand during the first few minutes of the match.

However, we were able to see a different version of the Ambrose Asylum here. He actually had a plan! He started attacking the left leg of Triple H so that he could finish off eventually with one of his signature moves, Dirty Deeds. However, there was a slight mishap. After the referee was done counting to three after Ambrose’s cover, the crowd went wild cheering for him, the win wasn’t announced.

“Wait a minute, that was a three count,” said one of the startled announcers. “That was a three count but the official immediately came to his feet and waved it off because I believed that Ambrose’s feet were under the bottom rope,” he continued. As per the rules, your foot or feet cannot be under the bottom rope during the cover or else it will be invalid.


The incident left Ambrose quite disoriented so Triple H was able to pull one on him and  do a cover with shoulders down. However, Ambrose was able to kick out in time. He wasable to send “The Game” over the top rope, drive him into the barricade, and bring him back into the ring. However, the match ended in Triple H’s favor, when Ambrose tried to jump from the barricade to elbow slam him on the announcer’s table. The former evaded it just in time, causing much damage to Ambrose’s elbow. The latter got back in the ring a few seconds before the referee finished counted to ten but he was greeted with a pedigree from Triple H, thus resulting in the latter being able to stun him and cover him while the referee counted to three.                                 “What does Dean Ambrose get for his effort tonight? What’s his prize? Suplex City! Brock Lesnar! No Holds Barred! Wrestlemania!” said the announcer. The whole match may have been back-and-forth, but Ambrose clearly had an edge over Triple H since he was able to get more hits in, and that he can also do grappling moves like “Figure Four”. And we thought only Charlotte had strong legs.

On Monday Night Raw which will air in Asian countries come Tuesday morning, Ambrose will show that he’s itching to take on “The Beat” Brock Lesnar prior to Wrestlemania. Who do you think will win?

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