By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

“This is simply something I can’t ignore. I’ve two sons who depend on me. The stress just adds up every time I think of their future if something happens to me now.”

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Since Kris Aquino entered the celluloid world and became the A-1 celebrity that she is today. And in two separate occasions in the past, she already announced thatshe would turn her back from it.

The first incident occurred in 2010 when she resigned from hosting The Buzz and Showbiz News Ngayon after her brother Noynoy Aquino won the presidential elections. According to her, it was to protect P-Noy from controversies since she was a hot public figure. But just after a year, she staged a comeback via Kris TV. In 2013, the articulate actress-host announced once again that she would resign from her shows to allot more time to her sons Josh and Bimby. But of course, she returned to the limelight again eventually.

Just recently, the Queen of All Media surprised the public with her announcement (again) that after 20 long years, she decided to leave mother network ABS-CBN. It’s definitely a hard choice considering the attachment and emotions invested in said period of time. But she pointed out this time it was due to health condition.

In her Instagram post, Kris said:

“Our relationship as a family started in October 28, 1996 and it will soon end this March 23, 2016. A total of 10,354 days working for ABS-CBN, my life’s most fulfilling professional journey because of your love, acceptance and loyalty.

“Just like all of you, I love my family. My most valuable life destiny is to be Mama to Kuya Josh and Bimby, and to be a loving, selfless sister to Ate Pinky, Noy and Viel; a bunso who doesn’t give them constant worry because of my health and safety.”

The renowned product endorser is aware of the consequence once she leaves her present post.

“I’m not putting a time frame but with my type of work, it’s realistic to accept by leaving ABS-CBN I’ll be replaced and soon forgotten. My sons and I will travel, we’ll move to our new home and I’ll eat healthy, sleep early, exercise regularly, and live quietly—everything to make sure Kuya Josh and Bimby have a healthy mother.”

Her erratic blood pressure these days is bothering Kris no end. According to her, it runs in the family. She cited that her grandfather suffered of heart attack when he was 65. Based on her doctor’s findings, this medical condition of hers begins from 45 years old until the menopause stage.

“I entered the ‘biz when I was 16 and all that I’ve been doing these 20 years has already taken its toll on my health,” she shared. “The crazy and long taping hours, the stress I derive from reading the comments of bashers, I have to take these every single day and nobody knows how that feels.”

Image: through Twitter Account @KrisAquinoWORLD

            With all her success in show business, Kris realized that the very thing that made you triumphant is also the one that will pull you down, particularly illness. Her present situation also served as a reminder to her fellow denizens in the ‘biz that if they don’t take good care of their health, they will lose everything.

            Interestingly, how does she plan to spend her time when she’s no longer seen on the boob tube and silver screen?

            “As I’ve said in my Instagram post, I will do lots of traveling with my two boys. We will explore new places in and outside the country. I would also have time to focus on my fast food franchises. To reiterate, I would still work since I’m the sole provider for my sons but as of now, I want to do it away from the stress of the limelight,” Kris averred.

            Her fans will surely miss her.

            “I didn’t end my sentence with a period,” she added. “I just said that I will rest. That’s why I’m thankful to the Kapamilyanetwork because they’re willing to wait until I recover. I appreciate the fact that they know how much this much-needed break is important to me.”

            And as one of her Instagram posts reads: “This isn’t goodbye—this I hope you’ll miss me and I hope to see you again soon. I’ll be back with a 100% healthy heart so I can love all of you even more and for much longer!”

            Well, until when will Kris be in hibernation? Just like her previous announcements, will she be back sooner than everybody thought? Let’s wait and see, folks!

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