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Did you know that peanut butter is not only yummy, but also healthy? But, what is more interesting is that it can help you lose weight.

As kids, we all indulged in a PB&J sandwich, but as we grow older, and started to gain weight, we tried to avoid peanut butter, thinking that one teaspoon would make us gain weight instantly.

But it turns out the opposite! In act, it is full of healthy nutrients and can help you lose weight, as well.

Peanut butter has vitamin E (antioxidant, good for the skin), vitamin B6 (immunity-boosting), magnesium (good for the bones) and potassium (good for the muscles).

And how about the fat content? Yes, it contains fat, but this is the heart-healthy monounsaturated fat that has been proven to reduce heart disease.


So how does it make you lose weight?


Peanut butter contains fiber, and is very rich in protein. It’s good because it makes you feel full for a longer time, and your cravings get lower. So, you eat less. And the main factor is the taste. It is so yummy and indulgent that you won’t feel deprived, and thus get tempted by any junk food.

According to Kathy McManus, R. D. (co-author of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital study), “Taste really is the key. If you enjoy what you’re eating, it’s easier to stick with it.”

In fact, many recent studies can prove the “Peanut Butter – Weight Loss Relation” which prompted Holly McCord, nutrition editor of Prevention magazine, to write a book about it entitled, “The Peanut Butter Diet”.

“Most diets have calories pared down so low, you might lose a pound or two a week, but you feel so deprived, you end up breaking the diet and going back to your old habits,” McCord says. “This is less stressful; you almost don’t notice you’re dieting.”

And we all thought peanut butter and diet could never work together! “More studies now say that you don’t just lose weight on the diet, but you stick with the diet better, because peanut butter is tastier and more satisfying, compared to other low-fat, high-carb diets.

You want to try this yummy theory? Here is how:

Buy the right Peanut Butter                                 

All brands don’t use the same ingredients. Of course, you should check the labels carefully. Look for the brand with the least saturated fat, sugar and sodium. As a rule natural peanut butters are always better than the big commercial brands.
I remember once, after a workout session, John Cuay (beauty queen trainer), brought us to the supermarket to look for this one specific brand of natural peanut butter                      

But if the natural and organic brands are too expensive for you, here is my quick and easy recipe to make your homemade super healthy and natural peanut butter!

2 recipe 3

This is before and after I roasted my raw peanuts!


This is how it looks when you pass your roasted peanuts through your processor!


And voila!… this is the finished product!

Now all you have to do is incorporate your homemade peanut butter into your daily dishes!

(Look for The Peanut Butter Diet by Holly McCord, for lots of healthy diet friendly recipes of Peanut Butter dishes).

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