By Evo Joel Contrivida


QuezonJust like in any traditional fiestas, Quezon Buffet truly offers a mixed-dining experience for all ages. The extraordinary experience of tasting distinct local flavors will surely worth a visit.

The newest restaurant catering to an unlimited food to its clients is now in the heart of the City of the Stars, Quezon City. Quezon Filipino and Spanish Buffet is now officially open to all food lovers, the newest branch launched by Gruppo Guevarra’s Inc. last November 23, 2015. It is  located at the second floor of Fisher Mall, along Quezon Avenue.

200-seating capacity of Quezon The 200-seating capacity (with spacious function rooms), Quezon Buffet is carrying Guevarra’s signature dishes such as Pork Lechon, Lechon Baka, Sisig and their popular Filipino desserts such as Halo-Halo and toron.  It is named after the late President Manuel Quezon wherein the theme is honoring local heroes.

Pork Lechon




“Of course, we are here in Quezon City,  so is President Manuel Quezon. That’s the reason why we decided to have a branch in the area. And our food is very rich in history; it’s a mix of Spanish and Filipino food, and it’s  affordable.” Chef Kalel Chan said.

DinakdakdakanSince it is  Chef Chan’s signature resto, he added some innovations and brought some dishes from his province. And one of the major dish that Quezon Buffet offers is the Dinakdakan. It’s a specialty Chef Chan grew up with in La Union.

” It’s very traditional, syempre, pero ‘yung taste nag adjust na sa taste nating lahat, and it’s very flavorful,” added the good-loooking chef.Chef

As a celebrity chef, he also specializes in food carvings, that you will see and notice in all food presented in Quezon Buffet. He is also tagged as one of the most gorgeous, yet sown-to-earth chef in the country. He has envisioned  Quezon Buffet as family restaurant, and  a place where the most important gatherings happen, thru the food they served.

During the said opening, Paella is also a major hit where rice and seafood and vegetables serve in a pan. This kind of Spanish dish really found a home in Quezon Buffet. The Sisig have three variations (bangus, pork and chicken), and all of them deliver a different taste that your tongue would truly love.

For the dessert, highly recommended is Ginataang Mais Balls. It  has a new twist for the traditional merienda, It is something you should not miss if you dine in Quezon Buffet.



The prices are all affordable, for lunch its P368, P468 for dinner and P568 for weekend. You can call them for reservation at Tel Nos. 281-2345 and 366-6078.

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