Gwendoline Ruais

For someone who loves European culture, and European film in particular, you don’t have to catch a plane to be there. Thanks to the Cine Europa Festival, we can all get closer to the culture for free. You can watch as many movies as you want, all throughout the festival, and really get to know the European style of filmmaking.


Now on its 18th year, the festival opened in Manila last September 9, at the Shrangri-La Plaza, and films from over 18 countries are being shown, and in nine (9) other cities in the country. 
Manila (September 10-20), Baguio (September 22-27), Iloilo (September 29- October 4), Cebu (October 9-11), Zamboanga (October 14-18), Tacloban (October 21-25), Davao (November 3-6), Leyte (November 10-15), and Cagayan de Oro (November 18-22).

You can find the Manila schedule below (you have to hurry while there is still time to catch all of them), as well as my personal choices of the best participating films.


Rise up! And Dance! which is an Austrian movie about love and dance, and can be compared to the American Step Up. Obviously, you can really compare the European style of cinema to the American here.


Staying on the subject of love and cultural comparisons, Stockholm Stories can also be portrayed as the Swedish Love Actually. It talks about the lives of five different people who cross paths during the entire movie.



On the other hand, Ginger and Cinnamon is a dramatic movie only the Italians know how to make. It is also a comedy, and so appropriate for a light evening.


Totally True Love is a movie from Norway that is all about childhood, love, and is perfect for the family.


Staying on the subject of family and comedy, Suck Me Shakespeare is a German family comedy (only family members over the age of 13), with a crazy plot comparable to all those American feel good comedies.


And finally, Pride is a fun English comedy about the Gay Pride and helping those in need.


Those are my top picks for this year’s film fest, so, head on over to the Cine Europa 18 and get some European taste and elan in the fun way! I hope you’ll enjoy those movies as much as I did.

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