August 22, 2015

By Evo Joel Contrivida20150818_135219_resized

Star Cinema, one of the leading film outfits in the country, seldom makes sexy film. But if sexy is the subject, they will make sure it’s a good one. Opening this Sept 2, “Ex With Benefits” marks the comeback of Derek Ramsay to his original studio. After burying the hatchet, he admits he misses making movies with great people. Santos, on other hand, tells the press that his film is guaranteed beautiful, not immoral. Even the bed scenes, he insists , are actually one of the best assets of this movie.  This is the first mainstream movie of Santos after “#Y” and “The Animal,” all part of Cinemalaya. 20150818_130842_resizedGarcia and Ramsay also appeal to all the Medical Representative Professionals not to judge their movie. Both actors beg to watch it first and understand the story, it’s about two lovers who are exe’s, and how they rekindle after that. Ramsay make sure that his new movie is not one of those “kabit” film he made in the past. He just wants a new character with a good story, and this movie under the direction of Gino Santos is the one he believes is a different one. He assures everyone that moviegoers will be convinced how he will be deply in love with Coleen Garcia, his leading lady.

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