By Alwin M. Ignacio


            Two adjectives come to mind seeing him up-close…yummy is just an understatement, and second, oh so…very sexy.



Talent, that is the main prerequisite that an individual must possess especially if tinseltown is the place where he or she thinks belong. Aside from a pleasing personality, good looks, a great bod or a killer smile, talent in acting, singing, hosting or dancing is a must have for any newbie wanting to have a place under the proverbial showbiz sun.

Add the element of luck, timing, the elusive X-Factor and a miracle worker called a manager, then the chances of being part of the entertainment industry is most probable.

One of the better breeds of a great talent is Edward Benosa, this gentleman dubbed as the romantic pop balladeer has more than what it takes in being the latest singing “crush ngbayan or kilabot ng colegiala,” perhaps?

Edward exudes a sexually appealing vibe. He has strong arms and an even sturdier set of pectorals.

The great shape of his body, most evident as he donned a long-sleeved shirt during the intimate press conference were his songs and persona were feted.

What adds more sexiness to him is his singing voice. It is full, robust and throaty, he sounds like Michael Bolton meets Rod Stewart that can kill you softly with his songs.

When he sings, it is not just singing per se, hearing it, he tells the story behind the lyrics of the songs. Every nuance. every subtext, captured and delivered in such a manner, it hits you at the center in your heart.

Every line from a song that he gives life to, triggers music videos in your mind. The past comes back with a vengeance, the present rosy or even rainbow colored and the future so bright you have got to wear shades, as one classic pop ditty puts it.

During the intimate press shindig, his first number was John Legend’s “All of Me.”

photo: Lem Estiva

            One feels the sensuality the way Edward crooned. He interpreted the Legend original as if he was so willing to give all of him, whole being, body and soul to his inamorata.

When he serenaded the press with he album’s carrier single entitled “Di Man Lang Nagpaalam,” you can feel his story telling prowess, he rendered with so much truth.

One got to fully understand and appreciate what the songs want to convey – the pain, despair and the sense of loss and bewilderment that one experienced when someone left a lover in haste.

Benosa has a self-titled album that is currently making waves in the market. It has eight songs. Some good cuts included are “PakingganN’yo,”“Ikaw Lang” and “Paglisan,” a trio of ballads that pulls and tugs the heart strings.

The best song for this correspondent is “Stay.” First time to hear it interpreted by a male singer, and boy, the emotional commitment that Edward gave to this pop anthem, it’s truly an unforgettable aural and emotional experience.

With all the wonderful things that is happening in his singing career, Benosa deeply said, “Thankful ako. Hindi ko ini-expect ang lahat, I feel so blessed, kasi nga, maganda ang pagtanggap sa mga songs ko. Marami ang natutuwa. Marami ang nakaka-relate.Bilang bagong mang-aawit, masarap sa paki-ramdam na ‘yung mga pinangarap ko, unti-unti, nagkakatotoo na.Salamat sa lahat ng mga sumusuporta.”

Is he willing and ready to add sexy to his romantic balladeer label since he is a desirable mammal anyway, this correspondent purred.


A blush appeared on his cheeks, Benosa shyly smiled, and visibly embarrassed with the tease.

Edward defended, “Hindi naman ako sexy. Ayos lang. Tama ‘yung romantic balladeer.Mahirapi-assert ‘yung pagiging sexy, eh.”

Benosa is the newly minted New Male Recording Artist of the Year which he received from the PMPC Star Awards for Music.

For his category, he bested the likes of Darren Espanto, Darryl Shy, Enchong Dee and Ken Chan.


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