By Kiko Escuadro

13521780_1058408077574213_60407711_nHow far can the other woman control the heart of a married man? Or how long can a wife endure the sufferings she kept from a loving husband only to hold on to a marriage full of lies and deception? Will these questions be answered by the new soap meant to defy the standards and mores of a conservative home viewers?

After several years of hiatus from the prime time soap, Bea Alonzo is back and ready to face the boob tube camera again together with Iza Calzado and one of today’s in demand actor, Ian Veneracion in the soon to be aired The Second Wife.

In this interview, the three lead stars (Ian, Iza and Bea), shared a glimpse of what to expect from this upcoming daring soap.

“It’s the story of being a madrasta and blended families. Basically it talks about the modern family kasi at some point nagkakaroon tayo ng kapatid sa labas, anak sa labas. Kaya ito yung magrerepresent ng mga families din,” said Bea, playing the mistress.

Ian found the situation complex but he believed that it required a thorough understanding of the situation. “It’s very interesting kasinga it’s complicated kasiand it deals with mature kind of love, and especially it is directed by Jerry Sineneng,” Ian addedl.

While Iza, who is playing the role of the wife, shared,  “I think in today’s society we have different kinds of family set up and it deals with different kinds of relationship that these modern family have. So meron din different layers sa story, like the younger lovers and will be played by Julia, Enchong and Vinn, and of course it tackles more mature kind of love between the first wife, that’s my role, and my husband Ian.”

With a society still dominated by the conservatives and values the importance of the family, the cast were asked the kind of impact the soap will have to the audience.

Bea said, “Siguro mas real yung execution ni Direk Jerry more than daring. Hindi siya campy but I guess kung totoo naman yung pagusad ng story, and kung mas totoo ang execution, siguro open na rin ang minds ng mga televiewers right now.”

Iza explained,  “I think it’s definitely something that happens in our society, so I think hindi naman, siya …., it is a bold-themed but it is not something as taboo, so I think tatanggapin naman Ito ng ating viewers.” And the two leading ladies were also asked what do they think would be the most exciting part of the story, aside from the confrontation and “samplan” blues.

“Siguro iibahin namin,” Bea defended. “Hindi yung usual thing na sampalan na nakikita natin Sa TV.” In fact, Bea revealed that she will be flying with Ian Veneracion overseas to shoot some scenes to be used for the teleserye.  “Mag shoot kami sa ibang bansa with Ian so hindi ko pa pwedeng sabihin kung saan. So exciting kasi makakakita tayo ng ibang lugar.”

“Yun sana ang gusto namin gawin, yun sana ang gusto gawin na maipakita ang conflict without being very physical about it,” Iza stressed.


“But there are tensions in the scenes, pero walang sabunutan, sampalan lagi, pero tignan natin kung saan tayo dadalhin ng istorya natin. Definitely both characters are very mature being, and parehong subtle ang approach, at yun ang gusto ma-achieve ng soap.”

Both ladies also admitted that they missed doing a daily soap.”Nakakamiss yung makita kang tao sa television,” Iza said, “but in terms of acting, I’ve been very busy with movies. Pero nakaka miss lang yung sinasabing tao, ‘Uy napanood kita Sa TV’ at nag tatanong kung kailan mapapanuod ulit. And I was really waiting for the perfect project to come, and we just finished doing a film, so perfect timing ang teleserye na ito.”

Bea also added her thoughts, “Oonga, two years ago pa , tama yungsinabiniIzanaiba parinkapag everyday kanapapanuodsa TV.Ang feeling mo parte kang bawat household ng bawat pamilyang Pilipino, that’s what I missed doing about it.”

Meanwhile, Ian was very happy for all the blessings he received, starting from Pangako Sa’Yo and to the movie Achy Breaky Heart, and now this upcoming teleserye.

“Tired but happy definitely,” he claimed. “And always excited, like I was saying  gusto ko makatrabaho si Bea and now it’s happening and very excited. Kami ni Iza matagal na kami nagkakatrabaho before.”

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