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Section 15 (under RA 9262) specifically states that “Temporary Protection Orders (TPOs) refer to the protection order issued by the court on the date of filing the application after ex parte determination that such order should be issued

6“My God, I don’t even remember. September pa ata eh…October. I think that was October or November,” said the daughter of beauty queen Maria Isabel Lopez regarding when she was first contacted to be the main character of Altarejos’ film. Mara plays Teresa, the wife of Miguel (played by Oliver Aquino) in the film TPO which is part of the upcoming Sinag Maynila 2016. Oliver plays a serial wife beater and when Teresa has had enough, she eventually seeks Temporary Protection Order, hence the title.

Mara described her character, “She’s a family woman, a wife, a young mom…she has a son and the title of the film is something she had to do to seek protection ‘cause she was undergoing abuse. Not physical abuse…emotional…mental…psychological abuse.” She also clarified that, “For this movie, you will see me not baring so much skin. The focus is the design of how women can be empowered to stand up for their rights.”

Under Republic Act 9262, otherwise known as the anti-violence against women and their children act, TPO is listed.. A court may grant TPO in any, some or all of the reliefs mentioned in this Act and shall be effective for thirty (30) days. The court shall schedule a hearing on the issuance of a PPO [Permanent Protection Order] prior to or on the date of the expiration of the TPO. The court shall order the immediate personal service of the TPO on the respondent by the court sheriff who may obtain the assistance of law enforcement agents for the service. The TPO shall include notice of the date of the hearing on the merits of the issuance of a PPO.

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She also revealed her working experience with Altarejos. “Direk Jay is a very responsible director. I had no problems. Maraming improvisation…we didn’t even have a script. Sabi niya sa ‘kin, eto yung mangyayari. Kahit magsasampay lang ako, he would tell me, how would Teresa sampay. Not so much instruction kasi feeling ko magiging robot ako ‘pag so much instruction. He gives me the freedom to play around.”

Aside from Mara Lopez and Oliver Aquino, other cast members are: Micko Laurente, Dexter Doria, Menggie Cobarubbias, YayoAguila, Monti Parungao, Lex Bonife, and Anelle Durano. The film will open  mid-April in participating cinemas of the festival.

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