By Ricky L. Calderon

 “I had fun doing it, I swear. I love doing gay roles because I can do what I want. I can play with the character. Masarap humugot.”


IMG_20160223_105455He has done quite a number of gay roles in the past, but playing the role of a closeted gay (“paminta” in gay lingo), in the upcoming movie Pare, Mahal Mo Raw Ako  (with singer Michael Pangilinan), is something that Edgar Allan Guzman wanted to try. A far cry from the flamboyant gay characters he played in his past movies.

 “Actually when this project was offered to me, it made me think at first since I seem to be getting mostly gay roles. This has a different twist though since it tells the story of a “pamhinta,” and it’s a comedy but it also has drama,” said Edgar Allan in an interview after the successful advanced screening of the movie last Monday at the UP Adarna Theater.

And he was happy with the reaction of the audience because they laughed, cheered and also shed tears.

“But I didn’t want to feel confident that a lot of people will come and watch our movie. Once I’ve finished a movie, I don’t want to expect anything. But I am glad that many came to watch and liked what they saw. I received a lot of messages in Instagram, telling me they are going to watch. I am very happy with the reception of the audience to the movie,” added Edgar Allan.

He was quite confident that the people will enjoy the movie and like it. “The movie has a good script and when were shooting it, I felt that we have a good project in our hands. I felt how real the situations in the movie were. We must admit that the situations we presented in the movie can really happen in real life. Talagang maraming makaka-relate sa kwento. Kaya tatawa at iiyak talaga sila.”

How do you feel that you and Michael are playing the lead stars in the film?

IMG_20160223_105352 IMG_20160223_105455

“I am proud of what I did and I am thankful to God that He gave this break to me. I would also like to thank Sir Noel (Ferrer, his manager) and Direk Joven Tan for choosing me to play the role of Mark. It feels good kasi dati kasama lang ako sa background but this time the story is focused on me. I have a lot of scenes. Nakakasawa na ang mukha ko,” he said with a laugh.

Edgar Allan did very well in his role as the straight-acting gay guy named Mark. He didn’t have any difficulty playing the role of a “pamhinta.”

When asked if he has a peg in playing gay roles, Edgar Allan proudly admitted he has an older brother who is gay. “I need not look far. I am proud ako sabihin na may brother ako na ganoon and siya ang peg ko sa lahat ng gay roles na ginagawa ko. Hindi na ako humahanap sa ibang tao. He is open and proud of what he is. I observe him – how he stands, how he moves, how he talks.”

In fact, Edgar said, he didn’t find any difficulty in doing the scene where he finally revealed his true self to Michael (who plays his best friend Red), that he is gay and is in love with him.

“That was shot on our last shooting day. Direk Joven asked me if I am ready for the scene? I said yes. He blocked the scene and told me bahala na ako how I want to do it.  Direk Joven told me he wants me to cry like a kid who admitted to his parents that he has done something. It was done in one take and just needed another take for another angle. Naitawid naman namin,” Edgar Allan said.

He is not afraid of being typecast in gay roles. “I don’t think there is something wrong in being typecast since being typecast means you are effective in the role that you are playing. You excel in that role. I enjoy doing gay roles but I am sure of my sexuality. Lalaki ako,” he said laughing.

            He has high regard for the members of the LGBT, not only because he has been playing gay roles but also because of his brother. “Accepted namin ang brother ko for what he is. I never got mad at him. I didn’t look low of him when I learned that he is gay. In fact, I even loved him more because I understood him. I never had this feeling that I should distance myself from him because he is gay. I appreciated him more so when I did this movie.”

What message can you give to gays who are still in the closet? Do you think they have a hard time coming out as you see in the character you played?    “Based on the character I played, the closet is not the best place to be in. If you look at it, it is harder to be in the closet. What I want to tell them is go, come out kasi malaya na naman kayo eh. Hindi niyo na kailangan magtago. Kung ano ka talaga, lumabas ka, sabihin mo, magiging masaya kung ilalabas mo iyan at hindi mo itatago. Sa pagmamahal naman go, yang pagmamahal, wala naman pinipiling kasarian iyan. Ngayon usong-uso na iyan, marami na yan kaya go! Go out and be proud of it,” he explained.

Are you hoping to get an acting nomination or win an acting award for this role? “I don’t want to expect but if I get an acting nomination or even win an award for this movie, why not? I’d be very happy and thankful. It’s been quite since I got an acting nomination and won an acting award so I really gave my best here. I want to show them na nandito pa rin ang acting ko. I love acting and it would be great if I win an award,” he replied.

What can you say about Michael as a first time actor? “He is okay because he knows how to listen,” he answered. “Nakikita ko naman sa kanya yung sinasabi niya sa akin na ‘Bro, tulungan mo naman ako.’ Sabi ko sa kanya tulungan kaming dalawa. Tulungan ko siya at tulungan niya rin ako. Nakikita ko naman sa kanya na may ibubuga siya kasi hindi naman ako makakaarte nang ganun kung wala rin akong nakuha sa co-actor ko.”

            Pare, Mahal Mo Raw Ako will be shown sometime this month and will be released by Viva Films. The movie also stars Joross Gamboa, Matt Evans, Katrina Legaspi with special participation of Ms. Nora Aunor and Ana Capri.

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