By Alwin M. Ignacio

    Supposedly, there are two versions of the video, a shorter 5-minute teaser and another, with an 8-minute duration wherein the man reached his point of no return, his big bang climax.


Joross 2
A video was privately sent to this glitter correspondent and upon viewing it, one sees a fully bearded man, seated inside his car while he engaged in the act of pleasuring himself. The man video documented his act of masturbation.
What transpired inside the confines of his automobile is a video call with a lady. The verbal exchanges between the two were in grammatically  correct English, and the lines that you would hear from them are so freaking similar to the erotic verbal exchanges of porn stars.
In fairness to the gentleman, in its fully erect state, the phallus was lengthy enough as it reached his navel, with a well-proportioned girth, a mole planted on the body of his private part with an appealing bulbous head.
The love trail on the man’s belly provided an additional visual turn on and yes, the person who fondled himself was obviously proud of the “gifted” condition of his package.
As one’s imagination goes ballistic, you can imagine sucking and licking his wiener like a lollipop. Or, you can even feel it, with eyes closed, as it probes and punctures you, coming in and out of your pudendum, especially if your orifice is for real and not the imaginary kind.
The mighty, meaty package might give a woman’s wall a mean swelling, not to mention multiple orgasms that would make you delirious. The owner is quite a looker, a product of an artista talent search who has become a truly remarkable character actor.
For the many who have watched and witnessed the video, majority claimed and are in unison with their belief that the man who paraded his “giftedness” in the video is actor Joross Gamboa.
Last year. Gamboa earned critical acclaims for his portrayal of a lovelorn gay guy in the pink favorite, I Love You, Thank You and people universally opined that he is a shoo-in best actor nominee come Philippine awards season time.
He has been married for five years to Kathy Kimberly Saga and they have a baby named Jace Kyler.

Joross Gamboa

So, what’s next, Mr. Joross Gamboa?
If you are an actor or actress (even to those who are not in the acting professeion,) you must refrain from videoing yourselves while you are doing  a jerk off session or are engaged in a sexual congress.
Why you need to video yourself, pray tell? This “act” is something difficult to comprehend. Does it heighten the libido and adds more pleasure or you have become really twisted and you can no longer put at bay your porn star aspirations?
If the man in the video, whether it is Gamboa or a look-a-like, decicides to issue a statement, whether as a denial or confirmation, it will just be pointless since this could have been prevented if he did not camcord himself in the first place.
The the rule that must be applied with regard to this matter – silence is golden and it is your best defense.
In this day and age of technological advancement, what you guard and protect as private files and supposedly for your eyes only, has the potential to either make of break you.
It only takes an unlucky and unfortunate incident – your mobile phone snatched or stolen or a laptop you sent for repairs – there will always be, a curious person who has the curiosity of cat and will find it too excruciatingly difficult  to resist not to look into your private files, especially if you are a celebrity.
Before you know it, the private files have been made public, blazing its ways to this and that portal and voila, you have become the sex video sensation for a day or two, even for months, until the next video or photo scandal surfaces.
The moral to this latest video incident, respect yourself and your sexual partner. There are just some moments that need no documentation and that is best kept as a memory in your head and as a secret you share with your hand or as a sacred moment between you and your partner’s loins.
Let us put an end to this video scandals proliferations. We have seen too much already. Please stop “loving” and “objectifying” yourselves too much.
To Joross Gamboa and the rest of the men and women who belong to this so-called generation of strippers, please realize that love is sacred and that the union/love making between two people must remain sacred as well. May this be the last video that we will talk about and share.

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