By: Gwendoline Ruais
Photos by Nico Belasco




As the first Miss World Philippines (MWP), I am always very excited for this time of the year! It is the time where I get a whole new set of little sisters to train and mentor.
And as usual, The Miss World Philippines pageant season started with the screening of applicants. This year, the final screening was held last September 15 .


The girls walked in their swimsuits and long gowns, and were judged by the Miss World Philippines organisation; including Miss Cory Quirino (of CQGQ), Miss World Philippines 2014 winners (Valerie Weigmann- MWP 2014, Lorraine Kendrickson-1st runner up, Nelda Ibe – 2nd runner up, Nicole Donesa – 3rd runner up, and Rachel Louise Peters – 4th runner up), and myself (Miss World 2011 1st runner up).

Out of all the applicants from around the Philippines and abroad, 28 ladies made the cut.


Once the candidates were chosen, I met with them to train them in the art of “question & answer” and to share my knowledge and personal experience in the Miss World Pageant (give them tips and advice).



In our next meeting, it was time for catwalk training. The girls practiced their walks in bikini to be ready for their up coming presentation to the public.

(Behind the scenes footage of all our trainings will be uploaded soon on my blog



Finally, on September 29, the 27 official candidates of Miss World Philippines were presented at the 2015 Press Presentation.
Here are candidates #1 to 27

(From Right to Left) 1. Ma. Vaness Wright, 2. Jannie Loudette Alipo-on, 3. Danica Macabangon and 4. Sheila Mae Torino
(From Right to Left) 5. Christelle Abello, 6. Janelle Tee and 7. Ma. Jackielyn Mudlay
(From right to left) 8. Kiaragiel Gregorio, 9. Mona Mahmound Hammad and 10. Tweena Pagulayan
(From right to left) 11. Alexie Marie Ibabao, 12. Emma Mary Tiglao, 13. Avonlea Paraiso and 14. Marita Cassandra Maidas
(From Right to Left) 15. Erika Mari De Castro, 16. Erica Rose Bayani, 17. Jessica Rose Mc Ewen and 18. Leitz Camyll Ang
(From Left to Right) 19. Diana Pinto, 20. Mariah Nilo, 21. Mia Allyson Howell and 22. Vianca Louise Marcelo
(Left) 23. Janette Roanne Strum and (Right) 24. Jeddahliz Maltezo
(From Left to Right) 25. Casey Anne Austria, 26. Grapes Pacara and 27. Hillarie Danielle Parungao

Watch out for the up coming activities of Miss World Philippines 2015!

Miss Cory Quirino, Valerie Weigmann and myself with the candidates

The Talent Night is on October 6, the Charity Gala Night on October 13, and of course the Grand Coronation Night is on October 18.


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