By Evo Joel Contrivida

the Baconeers with Cupcake
The Baconeers with Cupcake

All the Baconeers want to do is to prove to the world that Philippines is truly a beautiful country, after all.

Three alumni of University of Sto.Tomas who call themselves “The Baconeers” (Yes, they love bacon for breakfast), are going to embark on a journey of their life by going around the Philippines in a span of six months, and  travel the 81 provinces. The adventurous trio are Jonathan Alfie Agonoy, Francis Sta.Romana and Paul Quiambao.

Agonoy and Sta.Romana are architecture graduates and run their small and humble firm, while Quiambao is a celebrated photo hobbyist known at the four corners of UST. Agonoy initiated the plan called “The Philippine Road Trip” after being inspired of  the many stories by foreigners who have been to many places in the country. But Agonoy believed that it’s their passion in travelling that made the Baconeers pursue their dream. They decided to temporarily quit their jobs and rode a 45-year old Volkswagen Kombi Microbus that they named “Cupcake”.

The Baconeers - Francis, Jonathan and Paul
The Baconeers – Francis, Jonathan and Paul

The architect clarified that they are not going to set or break any record by doing the Philippine Road Trip. Along the way, they want to feature some  extreme sports (diving to climbing), appreciating cultural festivities, attending religious feasts, eating local delicacies up to appreciating God given nature.

“Travelling should be a way of life kahit papano, although wala kaming balak na i-prove kasi we have no voice naman sa community ng Travelling or Lifestyle. So we just want to do our thing, kung magustuhan salamat, pero kung hindi wala na kaming magagawa,” Agonoy said during the launch of  Road Trip at Barbara’s Cafe in Intramuros, Manila, a weekend ago.

Cupcake will be the official van of the Baconeers in travelling the 18 regions of the Philippines, this is one of their advocacies to use an old vehicle powered by a solar energy through the Liter of Light, an internationally known project of My Shelter Foundation headed by former model Ilac Diaz. The Baconeers is also bringing lights to some communities that they will visit. They will teach some locals or native on how to make lights from solar energy.

“This one is a very unique time for us, it’s a national trip but at the same time can make a national impact, and the difference here is we are teaching them, on how to make energy lighting system. We are not selling the products, we are asking people to build their own solar energy, green livelihood, green technology,” Diaz explained.

Ilac Diaz, president of My Shelter Foundation
Ilac Diaz, president of My Shelter Foundation

The Baconeers itinerary will start North west of Luzon going east, then to Mountain province down to Central Luzon, they will be back to Manila before heading to Palawan then to Western Visayas and down below to Mindanao. Cupcake is not going to travel by land, but in sea as well using some Roro vessels.

After the said road trip, Agonoy said that they might come up with a book while Quiambao for sure will hold a photo exhibit of the places they will be visiting.  They officially begun the trip last March 19, updates of the tour can be check at thephilippineroadtrip on Instagram and Facebook every now and then.

“Maganda ang Pilipinas, kung alam talaga nila yan hahanapin nila, they will get out there to explore”. Agonoy said in closing.

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