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“There is some emptiness happening within us and we are all saved by Jesus Christ. Especially for this season, this Lenten season.”

“Before I left for the States, I did two or three years of Martir ng Golgota here [Plaza Hugo, Sta. Ana]…same role. Mother Mary. I got in touch with Lou Veloso if the role of Mother Mary is available ‘cause I’ll be coming to town. I flew in Last January. Everything is new. There are old co-artists. It’s such a beautiful cause by Lou Veloso,. For me, it’s my way of spending the Lenten season…yung tinatawag na pagnilay-nilay,” said the Philippines’ “Music Festival Queen” Ivy Violan.

The award-winning solo artist, who started singing when she was just 2 ½ years old, was able to secure her O-1 USA Visa, which gave her the much needed flexibility to fly in and out of the country for performances.

“I actually went to the States for three purposes,” she shared. “First of all, I had to avail of my extraordinary ability visa, which I did. I’m still active in the country…at the same time, my mother lives there. I was able to record an album. I wrote six songs in the States. I do some shows and I also did some work…part-time job.”

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Though she is already a musical icon, she is still very active in churning out new work. “I recorded the album Ivy Violan at 34. It was held at the Rockwell Table and Stage. Two of those were international songs that won grand prize and two adaptations. It would be released under Viva Records and hopefully we’ll do the video of the song “Yakapin Mo Ako,” which was my first composition.”

When asked if she’s open to doing more local musicals, she responded , “Yes, I love it. I’ve done Birhen ng Caysasay [by Nestor U. Torres]. I did a play in Ateneo before by the late nephew of Zenaida Amador, who also passed away. At the same time, when I was also in school, St. Paul’s, I was active.”

She thought  our celebration of Lent is an integral part of the Filipino culture. “It’s important because for me, it’s not only for the season. God is untimely…very agape. I’m speaking for myself. We are the only country, I believe, that celebrates Lent from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. I’m really happy to be here ‘cause we don’t really have that in the States,” she explained.

Ivy Violan leads the cast of Martir sa Golgota 2016 as they celebrate their 28th year in theater. The show is directed by Lou Veloso and also stars Jojo Riguerra as Jesus Christ. There will be another show at the Greenfield District Open Grounds (back of Edsa Central, Shaw Blvd.) on March 26 (Black Saturday) at 7 o’clock in the evening. Admission is free. For further information, you may contact the group’s official Facebook account:

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