By Alex Datu

One of the stars of Etiquette For Mistresses, Iza Calzado, might be waiting for the right time, and that is, to finish all her projects before she will tie the knot with her long time boyfriend, Ben Wintle. For her, marriage requires 100% commitment and she is not sure if she is prepared for that without having fulfilled all that she wants to achieve, career-wise.

The actress admits that her businessman-boyfriend is the right man for her, she clears the issue that they are now living together under one roof. “I intend to get married before living under one roof with someone. This is one thing I should do,” she quips.

“If I’m through with everything I want to do and achieve all of it, and Ben is ready to marry me, I would be very glad to say ‘Yes!’ when he proposes,” she insists. “I’m on the marrying age, and like all girls in the world, I want to be a mother, too. But right now, hindi ko pa ma-imagine sa sarili na magbuntis ako kasi masyado kong pinaghirapan ‘yung katawan ko ngayon.”

She recalls that she was obese in her growing years, and it’s not just vanity why she doesn’t want to be pregnant few months after marriage. “Mahirap,” she stresses. “Kahit ngayon nga, ang dami ko ng effort just to maintain this body, but the last time, hindi pa rin perfect.” Iza shares that they (Ben and her) have already talked about it, and she tells that her boyfriend is not ready to be called a parent, yet.

“But I can’t see myself to give birth in the next three to five years time. Not that I want to practice celibacy, but there’s also a part of me that I want to experience get pregnant and give birth,” she explained. “Di ba ang dami ko ng ginampanang mother roles. Ang sabi ko, iba talaga ang attachment sa anak mo kung ikaw ‘yung nagdala sa womb mo at inilabas mo after nine months. There’s an emotional experience and priceless.”

A product of a broken family, Iza said she went through a tough time when her parents had an annulment. “Magulo talaga ang pinagdaanan nila. Ang tao kahit gaano katalino, pero minsan pag puso na ang nagsabi at nag-dictate ng isang bagay, kahit anong logic at reasons ay nawawala. I believe kasi we have no choice. Puwede naman pagsabihan pero ang tanong, nakikinig ba?” she stressed. “How I wish my parents have ended earlier their marriage, than stayed together for 20 years,” she said. “If there’s a law in the Philippines, I think it will be a bit easier for them. I believe the child suffers the consequences like what I had. Mas maganda pa siguro na may law na lang para hindi kami madamay. Para mas madali ang decision-making ng mga parents.” In her new movie (along with Kris Aquino, Claudine Barretto, China Crab and Kim Chiu), Iza plays a mistress, like the others. But when asked if it could happen in her real life?

“Personally, I dont think kakayanin ko kasi I’m very possessive,” she replied. “Pero hindi ko rin masasabi na never because mahaba pa ang buhay ko. Ayokong magsalita ng tapos. Pero baka hindi ko siya kakayanin. . Buti na lang, hindi pa siya dumating sa buhay ko.”

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