By Evo Joel Contrivida


“There is no valid proof that if you are Number One in trending it means that you are leading in the rating game.”


“The Star network is not affected by the Aldub Phenomenon in terms of rating and sales,” claimed Mr. Donald Lim, ABS-CBN CEO . In this interview, Lim pointed out that many non-TV viewers went back and watched boob tube again because of the said fever in noontime. However, their records show that this didn’t affect the other programs and shows of Channel 2. He also admitted to us that he didn’t have the exact figures because he is basing his statement thru the presentation made by the sales department of ABS-CBN, and this will be made available soon to public.

stellar_200x200“If you look at our sales and our stock pricing, an all-time high only because what we felt It wasn’t able to cannibalize a lot of our viewers. In fact, non-viewers on TV watched, so if you look up our ratings, Aldub pushes up our ratings. And since our pricing depends on a rating point, mas tumaas ang benta namin, because we are a public company and we share that every quarter. Its going an all-time- high. It’s one of the best years of ABS-CBN. “ Lim explained.

But Lim respected Aldub’s leading figures on Twitter.He said, “Tweets are also in the campaign verge of ABS-CBN but not as a measurement. We usually use twitter for viewers to say their comment or opinion about their shows, that’s usually we get our feed backs.”

“We want people to talk about it, tweet about it. But we don’t have to say…uy mag tweet tayo or anything. I use that personally, just a gauge na I’m doing well or not. Kanya-kanyang style lang yan, ang pormal ang naming, we know we have a good quality of shows, we know we are using a lot of social sentiments to mind and make our show better.” Lim said.

Lim also said that Aldub phenomenon is a wake up call not only for ABS-CBN but for the whole industry. This isLimto quash the perception of some TV viewers saying that there are no good Filipino shows nowadays. It’s a proof that each show has its own audience share, and no need to attack each one to get viewers. He also mentioned that as far as he know, there is no truth on the rumor that It’s Showtime will undergo reformatting or even axing it soon.

“I think it’s a good learning experience for the entire industry, sabi nila wala masyado maganda show now, we realize that there is an audience for each show, there is target audience, we are not task to cannibalize ng show ng bawa tisa.” Lim added.

On the lighter side, Lim informed us that ABS-CBN Digital Black box is doing well, they are nearing a million units sold by the end of the year, giving TV sets a clearer signal reception. Barely two months ago under his wing, Lim launched the ABS-CBN Stellar, a new brand that caters to any product brand who want to engage with any Star Magic artist in promoting thru their social media accounts.

“It’s house within our Digital’sjust a brand name for our new product. So any brand who wants to engage with our celebrities on social media, go to us and we manage, kami na nag iisi plahat. “ Lim said in closing.

Lim was one of the speakers at the recently held iBlog Summit in UP College of Law in Diliman.

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