Kapamilya Hotties Sexy Photos Resurfaced?

August 28, 2015

By Alwin M. Ignacio

Aside from gossips, adobo, sinigang or lechon. we Pinoys cannot get enough of scandals, whether its political, showbiz, or the sexual kind. In recent showbiz pop history, some of the most talked about and shared scandals are those of Hayden Kho (who is now a doctor once more, and would you believe, a pastor?), the sex videos of news anchor and broadcaster Paolo Bediones, and of course, majority had a field day with the Parokya ni Edgar main man’s Chito Miranda and Neri Naig’s coupling documentaries. Aside from videos, there are photo scandals, as well. Thanks to Mark Herras, Martin del Rosario, Mikael Daez. Gerald Anderson, Xian Lim and Marco Gumabao, and many more, who gave a lot more for showing to us the differences between small, medium and large. Thus, one cannot help but wonder, are these scandalous materials have become a male starlet’s rite of passage?

Alleged photo of Jason Abalos.

In the last few days, two photos of men pleasuring themselves are silently circulating (again) in pink sites and shared as personal messages. And yes, the men in the photos are allegedly certified Kapamilya hotties. The first man in the alleged photo scandal is URIAN winning actor, Jason Abalos (for the Jade Castro film, Endo). There are four photo frames in this set. In the first two frames, there is a man who has a striking resemblance to Abalos. The man had super cropped hair, bare-bodied, on his bed and he seemed to look at a camera from a gadget. In the 3rd frame, you no longer see the face of the man.

What is there is a torso shot, and then in the fourth frame, you see that the man is fondling his private part. It seems that those who have seen the photo set, assumed and presumed that it could have been Abalos in photo because of the trail on the body of the man. Jason was once an underwear model and his pubic trail remains imprinted in the memories of his followers and supporters.

For the actor, silence is his best defense with regard to this alleged photo scandal. It is the proper course of action, he must not dignify this issue. His worth and brilliance as an actor is not diminished because of these photos. The second picture of a young man pleasuring himself and has circulated already a year ago. It now resurges and is being passed on and being shared with much ferocity, The young man. who is allegedly in the picture is athlete and campus jock Axel Torres.

Alleged photo of Axel Torres.

Axel Torres was a Pinoy Big Brother housemate. He joined during the season when Brazilian-Japanese super model Daniel Matgsunaga became the grand winner. Torres had a very short stay inside the Bahay ni Kuya that season. He was eliminated after two weeks. In the bonus set of photos, there are three sets of picture. In the first two frames, you clearly see the face and the half naked body of a very athletic guy, seating on his bed, obviously chatting with someone. In the next photo, you already see the young man fondling his phallus. You cannot see the whole penile profile. what you can clearly view is the private part.

This writer has no awareness how this young man from La Salle handled the situation when these photos first appeared on-line. The fact that it still circulates, we can deduce that many are smitten and finds his body quite addictive. So what is the lesson of this feature? First, never video document yourself while you are doing something “interesting”, whether you are by your lonesome, or with your partner. There is no point in keeping these video documentaries or diaries for posterity.

When your gadget gets stolen, or when you need to have it repaired, a private folder or file arouses the curiosity of truly enterprising individuals. They find it too difficult to resist and with the technical savvy of most of them, unearthing files from your gadgets is so easy, and before you know it, you and your partner become the next internet sensation. Just keep the intimate memories between you and your partner. Whether you are “loving yourself” or “making love with your partner,” keep it private and sacred. No videos and photos, please.

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