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Based on the statement made by the TV host during the presscon held last September 6, she said the man who would appear in her last movie (Etiquette…) is the man who is “close” to her heart now. Definitely, it is not PioloPascual or Sam Milby.


0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000krisIt’s all in the papers that Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista is finally out from the cast of Kris Aquino’s yet untitled entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2015. And according to the news, it’s Derek Ramsey who is taking the place.  Allegedly, the actor that was the hot topic during the press conference of Etiquette For Mistresses, is said to be very closed to the actress’ heart.

We can still vividly remember the statement made by Kris when asked about her lovelife during the said press conference (held at the 9501 14th floor of ELJ Building, ABS-CBN last September 16).  “Makikitaninyosiyasa next movie ko, mayroonsiyang special participation doon.  Ayawkomunangsabihin kung sinosiyadahil may inaayos pa sa cast, may maaalis at may maidadagdag,” she told the press who were clueless at that very moment.

We watched the movie at SM Manila and what a surprise to see Derek at the last part of the story, a wedding scene with no less than Kris Aquino.  There was Piolo Pascual wed to Kim Chiu, and also Sam Milby.  Based on that premise, it’s Derek who will be Kris’ leading man in the MMFF movie.

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But my mind keeps on wondering of the news we have received about the two allegedly having a secret relationship.Is this a confirmation of the two’s affair?  But still we dismissed the idea because Derek was reportedly found a new girlfriend based on what was written in the newspapers.

But a very reliable source allegedly told us that the new girlfriend of the actor is only a cover-up to the secret rendezvous of the two. The source said, “Bakit ganyan si Derek?  Baka maging kawawa siya at baka matulad lang siya sa ibang mga lalaki ni Kris na biglang nalaos.  Kawawa naman si Derek, magigingmagulo ang buhay-artista niya.  Sana, hindi siya nagkamali sa pagpatol kay Kris.  Tingnan mo si Bistek, urong-sulong ang tambalan nila ni Kris at ang ending, naalis pa siya sa movie.  Ngayon ang napapabalitang plano niyang tumakbo sa LP bilang senador ay balik pagka-mayor siya.”

Another alleged report reached us was from a very influential personality who helped the actor in solving his marital problem with his wife Mary Christine Jolly.  And what surprised us more, the source mentioned the name of the TV host. Again, we dismissed the said idea because Derek is romantically seen dating his new girlfriend in some exclusive places according to the news.

And now that Derek is in Kris’ MMFF entry, are the two really playing sweet music together? Based on the pictures posted in the social media, the duo watched a fashion show together, and they were also twosome during the screening of Ex With Benefits.. If we try to recall and base the statement of Kris during the presscon mentioned earlier, is this an affirmation to her words? What do you think? Well, your guess is just as good as mine.

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