By Kiko Escuadro

“I’m just sorry to all the contestants to wait a little longer before they get to see us and for those na nakaka alam na natanggap kayo para sa blind auditions prepare and practice before you go to us.”

In spite of her busy schedule, international theater performer Lea Salonga is back in Manila for a short trip to attend the launch of her latest endorsement, one of the top clothing brands in the country today.

The Broadway star arrived on red carpet with her new look and new hair cut, and in this interview (with other reporters) she was asked what’s the reason of her for new look? “Wala lang,” she replied. “I’m not broken-hearted nor did I loose money in the lottery, wala naman nangyaring major life event na yung minsan nagiging pasimuno ng drastic haircut na ganito. Last year kasi it became shorter and shorter kasi gradual. And when I got to New York it was like a bump and it was like parang di ko keri, so i asked our hair dresser in Allegiance to cut it shorter and I’ve been so happy with this haircut and i had it since i think November of 2015, so matagal tagal na din .”

And how did her husband (Rob) reacted to her short hair? “Oh, he likes it,” she said, “wag lang mag mukhang lalaki, yun lang naman ang request niya. But he likes the hair.”

Since the West End production of Les Miserable is now in Manila , Lea was also asked if she already watched Fantine as portrayed by Rachelle Ann Go? “I didn’t get to see it kasi i had a gig last night from Philippine Airline kasi i am one of the ambassadors for PAL,” she answered. But she admitted that she addtended the West End team party that night. “Yes I joine them kasi i went to the party after the gig, pero syempre manunuod ako hindi ko lang alam kung kalian, but i think i try to go this weekend kasi i nee to go back to the States next week.”

Meanwhile, Lea revealed that The Voice Kds will be back anytime soon, hopefully this May, and there’s a hint of changes that everyone should watch out for. “We’re shooting i think in May and we had to push back our schedule which was fine kasi i got sick and i would not be able to make ‘yung initials nung schedule namin. Okay lang ako to do it a little later, she explained.

Lea was asked if the line up of judges will remain the same in the new season. “I can’t comment, baka may mag iiba ng line up, but i let ABS-CBN to handle all of us. and she ended with smile. Rumors are circulating now that Sarah Geronimo will be replaced as one of the judges.

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