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“Gusto kong isipin ng mga tao ay sa kanila yon (Angel and Vilma), kaya di ko kailangan isali ang sarili ko sa pelikulang iyon.”


IMG_2571A picture-perfect of a proud son to Gov. Vilma Santos, and a happy boyfriend to Angel Locsin, Luis Manzano showed his unwavering support to the latest movie of the two most important women in his life today, in the movie, Everything About Her. This is the first time that both women are working together in a film.

In this interview Luis was very happy that his mom and girlfriend are together in one film, and he was asked how will he be going to support them. He replied, “Dalawa lang yan e, one to support to promote in my own little way, and secondly…s’yempre ayaw kong makialam kasi kumbaga pinaghirapan nila iyon at naiintindihan ko na may personal level ako on that.”

As a critic, Luis was asked to comment on the performances of the two ladies. “Actually napanuod ko yung rough edit and personally, I was blown away. My mom was a perfectionist na mga mali, pero ako as a viewer not as a son, I was very interested with the movie. At nakikita ko and same thing with my mom,kasi wala naman pwede pumantay sa kanya as an actress. But this is an all new Vilma Santos. People were expecting some heavy drama ang movie. Of course, hindi mawawala ang drama pag pinagsama mo si Angel and Vilma,” he explained.

Luis also commended the performance of Xian Lim, who portrays the son of Ate Vi and the boyfriend of Angel. The said role was first offered to Luis but he declined. “Ang galing ni Xian,” he claimed. “When I saw him sa ASAP after I previewed it, I immediately shook his hands and sabi ko, Bro ang galing mo sa movie,” he added.                                                                                       Since it was the first movie of Angel and his mom, Luis was prodded if he gave his girlfriend some tips and advise when on the set with his mom. “No! No!,” he exclaimed. “Hinayaan ko na sila, kumbaga buhay na nila yon”, he laughed. “Sabi ko nga yun ang mahirap kung if you have personal and professional concerns, and at the same time hinayaan ko na sila to do what they do.”

Luis also reacted to the statement made by his mom during the presscon of Everything About Her  (where Gov. Vi acknowledged the press people who also served as her closest friends, and forIMG_2570 taking care of her son through the years).

” I’m very very thankful since day one palang, talaga grabe ang pagmamahal ng press sa pamilya ko,” he related. “And I’m very very thankful na whatever love they show to my family, both to my dad and to my mom, at the same time,kahit papano nahahawa ako. Sa lahat ng press people, thank you very much for all the nice words, thank you for supporting me and maraming salamat for the small favors na hinihingi ko minsan.

“Kasi minsan iniisip ng maraming artista at ng maga tao na mahirap kausap ang media. Ang akala nila walang puso ang mga iyan, sorry for the term. Iniisip ng iba basta may maisulat lang at may istorya na, but trust me the secret is to talk to them ng maayos and for sure maiintindihan nila ang nilalambing mo,” he added.

On the lighter side, Luis was asked how he make time to relax with all the shows he is doing right now. He has Deal or No Deal, Pilipinas Got Talent, Celebrity Showtime, ASAP and soon the return of the new season of The Voice. “Time management lang, with the help of my manager,Tita June,” he confessed. “The secret of busy, busy schedule is you know dapat when to rest. Pag may nakitana akong free day I talked to my manager to block the schedule and not to compromise, unless babayaran akong daan- daang libong piso,” he ended with a laugh.”

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