by Alwin M. Ignacio

For his family and friends, Christmas is more special when the Concert King is around. To usher the holiday season with his own brand of entertainment, a repeat of his concert Martin Home At The Theater last September will return at Solaire’s The Theater. Watch for it!

“Christmas is more special when Martin’s around because he is Santa Claus to all of us-always goes out of his way to get the perfect gift puts lots of thoughts in what he chooses and he shops on his own and does not send anyone to shop for him. He sets the tone for Xmas. He loves to decorate all areas of the house and the Xmas tree. Plays Xmas music the whole time we decorate to get us in the mood. Xmas is more special for me when he’s around because we both have kids that live away from us. They are all in the States, so when we are not able to travel to be with our kids for Xmas it helps that we can be together,” says Vicky Nievera Davis.


For Rachel Nievera Zdzieba, “Christmas becomes more special with him around because he is like a child with such excitement to give his gifts that he put so much thought into.  His generosity is one in a million.”

Recollects Tere Tabuena del Rosario, “Christmas is always special when Martin was with us because he always made Christmas about the children! I will never forget one Christmas when we were living in Florida. My kids were still small, he pretended to be the reindeer on the roof, as in he climbed the roof and made those clicking sounds; he even prepared cookies for Santa (which he also ate!) and then pretended to BE Santa, with his HoHoHo! and that sack of toys under the tree. The kids were in awe; and I was so touched to have my little brother Martin try his best to weave some magic into my children’s Christmas! He is a special brother and uncle, in our family!”

“My Tito Martin is the family’s SECRET SANTA. He doesn’t just buy gifts for everyone. No matter where he is or how busy he is, he makes such a big effort to find out what we need or what we wish for.  For the longest time, I even made him believe I am his inaanak (godchild) even if I am not so that I get a bigger gift,” shares Miguel Tabuena.

Paolo Valenciano adds, “Tito Marts usually isn’t here during Christmas. He comes back usually towards the end of the season. And right when you think Christmas is over, he shows up like a late Santa with gifts and goodies for everyone! Christmas in January.”

Concluding the happy reminiscences, Samantha Godinez-Valenciano enthuses, “Christmas with Tito Martin is always special because of the same reason why we all love the idea of a Santa Claus. It’s not about the gifts he gives but the idea of why he’s giving. He wants everyone to be happy. His main purpose in life is to make people happy. He thinks of every single gift he gives and you can see how excited he is when he gives it.”

With all these wonderful memories shared, it is no longer a surprise why the Philippines’ Concert Royal, Martin Nievera kicks off the holiday season with Martin Home For Christmas on December 1 at The Theatre of Solaire, Asia’s finest concert venue.  Showtime is 8 p.m.

So, whether you have been naughty or nice, you are assured of exquisite music, unequalled quality entertainment and a wonderful time with Martin, as he himself prepared and lined up his dramatic and romantic repertoire of signature songs, alongside with his well-loved sentimental and nostalgic Christmas carols to ring in this year’s season of love, peace and goodwill.

On stage with Martin that night will be Louie Ocampo as musical director and the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra and produced by Fullhouse Asia Production Studios, Inc. Tickets are available at TicketWorld (02) 891 9999 and (02) 888 8888 (Solaire).


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