By Ricky Calderon

 “I wanted to do my own stunts to make it more authentic. I won’t indulge in the action scenes if I am not prepared for it. I am equipped for the role because of my athleticism and besides, we are guided on set how to do the stunts so we won’t get hurt.”


It has been Matteo Guidicelli’s dream to do an action movie. And his wish was granted. He was so pleased when he was offered by BG Films International to play the lead role in Tupang Ligaw, the first action movie vehicle of the indie film outfit headed by Ms. Baby Go.

 “I have been dreaming to do an action movie and I am really glad that BG Films International thought of me when they planned this project. I may not be the first choice for the role that I am playing – an ex-Marine who is looking for his missing brother, but I am glad that I got the part,” said the Kapamilya heartthrob who was a former racing car champion before he got into showbiz.

Matteo took pains to prepare himself for the role. He did a number of death-defying stunts, which he was prepared for. Aside from undergoing training in martial arts, he had security consultants on set to guide him in action scenes.

How is it like working with Direk Rod Santiago? “We all know that he is an illustrator so he’s very good visually. He has consultants on the set, like his cinematographer who guides him with his shots. It is a different kind of working atmosphere,” he said.

“I am really so glad that I got this role. It is really my dream to do an action scene. I want to do my own stunts and that is why I am very

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hands on in this movie. And we want the fight scenes to be credible. Pati kung paano ka dapat bumagsak kapag nabaril ka, sinasabi nila sa amin. Sa mga past action films natin very cinematic ang mga actions scenes like pag nabaril ka slow motion ang bagsak. Hindi raw dapat ganoon,” said the aspiring action star. Matteo said he was taught hand defense and firearms technique.

Was there ever an instance that he got hurt in an action scene? “Hindi naman ako nasaktan. It’s part of it. Kung masugatan ka eh di mali siguro ang ginawa mo,” he added.

“it’s part of the job. No pain, no gain. Besides, we needed to do the fight scenes (especially with Paolo Contis), and it was a thrill doing them.”

But it is not only the action sequences of Matteo that viewers ought to look out for. His drama scenes were also something to anticipate. These were so intense that those watching the scenes were moved by Matteo’s acting.

In the movie, Matteo plays the role of a soldier who is looking for his missing brother (Rico Barrera). His search took him to Barrio Paraiso, a place that is full of evil and danger and is headed by El Diablo (Paolo Contis). Matteo’s character discovered the tragedy that befell his brother in the hands of El Diablo. Then he met the family of his brother (Ara Mina and child actor Johnny Regana). Will he be able to bring justice to his kin’s death? Can he save the people of Barrio Paraiso from the hell that they are in?

Ms. Baby Go, the Executive Producer of BG Productions, was impressed with the professionalism that Matteo showed while filming Tupang Ligaw, including his acting prowess. That’s why, Ms. Baby Go is thinking of doing a new project for Matteo, a Visayan movie to be shot in Cebu, the actor’s hometown. This should be much anticipated since it is going to be a major acting challenge for Matteo since he will play a poor fisherman, while his dialogue will be 90% Visayan.

Tupang Ligaw  is a timely action film from the script and direction of famed komiks novelist Rod Santiago, whose novel Bad Boy made Robin Padilla a big star.

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