By Joyce Rochelle Montañano

Celebrating Father’s Day and  part of their 25th Anniversary presentation, Maalaala Mo Kaya featured Caveman, a story of a father who was forced to live in a cave with his two sons.

Juan Garaña Jr. (played by Zanjoe Marudo) was only able to finish grade two. This was the reason why he couldn’t find a decent job, and couldn’t provide a decent home for his wife and three children.They only live in a small nipa hut.

His wife, Melissa (played by Dawn Chang) tried to teach him the basics of English language. But later on, she gave up. She left Juan and their three children, maybe because of another man.

Juan tried his best to find Melissa, but he failed. He and his three children moved back to his hometown in Sipocot, Camarines Sur. There, he built another nipa hut in a secluded area where you need to cross a mountain and a river to reach their place. There, Juan made a living for his family by making charcoal and raising goat.

Melissa took his elder daughter away from them. The two sons were left with Juan. Then a heavy storm whipped his home and made the goat got sick.

While looking for the sick goat, he saw a cave. He took  his two sons there, where they lived for two years.

All of Juan’s effort was not enough. He also got sick because of the smoke  he inhaled from making charcoal. He was about to give up and told his sons to stop going to school, but his sons refused. They told him that it is okay for them to go to school without allowance, they won’t complain.

The teacher of his youngest son tried to help them by posting their pictures on Facebook to ask netizens for help.

You can check this link for thier actual picture and video:

Shortly after their pictures and videos became trending, a few financial help came. Until someone promised them that they will soon have their own house. But the story ended there. There was no re-enactment  on their new home.

Zanjoe used to impress us in his gay man roles, but he has always been good in portraying a good man who has always been left by the women he loved. Unlike John Lloyd Cruz, Zanjoe doesn’t need to cry too much, his simple pitiful aura is already enough for us to feel his pain. This is not the first time he had portrayed such a role in MMK.

There’s also an episode entitled Bag ( where he co-starred with Valerie Concepcion.

He was almost perfect in portraying a father, who was just a human who may give up some time but would fight again when given a motivation.

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