By Edwin Uy
By Edwin Uy

With this success, I would like to offer and share it to my beloved country, to my fellow Filipinos and to my fellow designers, especially the ones from my group, the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines (FDAP), which happens to be the oldest and biggest fashion association in our country.        


The other night was another momentous event as another Filipina won in an international pageant.Parul Shah won as 3rd runner-up in the Miss grand International Pageant 2015 held in Bangkok, Thailand, and she also won the Best National Costume Award. Her performance tht night was outstanding. She looked stunning in her red gown and her answer in the interview was so sincere and impressive.

















When asked who is the most influential person in her life, she answered, “The most influential person in my life would be my father. I do believe that peace starts at home. I was born by a Filipina mother who is Christian, and an Indian father who is Hindu in a country governed by Muslims. And I do believe we can coexist together when there is understanding, and when there is no power struggle. When no one tries to beat another above another. I learned this from my father. He taught me that withhaving humility and respect, peace can ultimately be achieved.”


Even the famous Ines Ligron, the beauty pageant expert and trainers of top caliber beauty queens, was impressed by her answer. I just had no idea why she landed only as 3rd runner-up. We even thought that she would either win the title or the lowest that she would land is 1st runner-up. Anyway, competing against more than 70 candidates, making it to the top 5 is already a big achievement.

Regarding her costume, this was the first time that Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. reopened its doors to local Filipino designers to make the national costume of our candidates to the international pageants. Being one of the appointed designers, I decided to make a gold Muslim Maranao princess costume for Parul. The design I made had a veil and 2 fans which they usually used in their famous “Singkil” dance. The main dress was embellished with gold laces, swarovsky crystals and wooden beads. I also added some Tiboli bells to create a soft tinging sound when she walks. The costume looked so good on her and her performance on how she delivered her walk that night was superb, so full of class and elegance worthy of a true Maranao princess.           12177927_10153335067579092_2023753366_n

She competed against more than 70 other costumes from different parts of the globe, and won the best national costume award. Something that we Filipinos can be proud of as we were telling them that Filipinos are very artistic and talented and winning this award is a solid proof to that statement. I am so proud that I was used as an instrument to prove to the world what a Filipino talent is in terms of costume creativity. I believe I was also successful in showing the world how beautiful and magnificent the Filipino culture is with my creation. The use of an ethnic design from the southern region of the country shows how colorful and magnificent our culture is even before the Spaniards came.       During the national costume competition of Miss International 2015, I have seen also so many beautiful costumes from the other countries and that is why when I heard that my creation won, I felt so euphoric. What made me feel even better was when people started messaging me and it lasted until the next day just to congratulate me and I was so busy last night and the next day just reading and appreciating their positive comments on how happy they are with my creation and Parul winning.

With this victory, I would like to thank God for giving me the talent, inspiration and insights in making my designs. Second, I also would like to thank and congratulate Parul as we would have not won this award without her excellent performance. Third, I would like to thank my staff who had worked so vigorously in making this intricate costume look magnificent. Fourth, I also would like to thank my family and my friends who have always believed and supported me in all my endeavors. Last, I would like to thank all the Filipino people who believed in the talent of Filipino designers, as you have given us the inspiration to create something extraordinarily beautiful to prove to the world that we Filipinos are one of the best in terms of arts and fashion.



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