By Kiko Escuadro

“As a first time father, I have to be on call 24/7, parang doctor din ako. As of now, maraming cravings and I do my best to make her comfortable as possible kasi medyo challenging din what she’s going thru.”


After the critically acclaimed movies Thelma and Kid Kulafu, TV and film director Paul Soriano is back with another collaboration project under his company Ten 17 Production and Star Cinema in the film Dukot.

During the press conference with the cast led by Christopher de Leon, Bing Pimentel, Shaina Magdayao and Enrique Gil, the director shared his experience in making this true-to-life violence inspired film. “It’s really close to the truth and we just want to create awareness,” said Soriano. “As a filmmaker, I can say that I created iawareness and hopefully the government, especially the new administration, would believe that they can put a stop to this really violent crimes and keep every Filipinos safe.”

The director felt lucky to get a chance to meet the people behind the story of his film. “I was able to get access to it. I got the time to meet them this particular case so I got to talk to the families. And I got a lot of details about this particular story, but I also respect the family , that’s why we’re not naming any names and we keep it confidential. I’m already thankful to this family for opening up their heart to me and off course to PNP-SAF and others who helped in creating the story,” he explained.


received_10154475317732323Since he gathered a big cast for this film, the director admitted he had hard time in finishing the film due to conflict of schedules, especially with Enrique Gil who plays the main role in the film.

“Actually I wrote my dream cast down and off course I really want to work with Enrique Gil for the longest time. I thank Star Cinema for allowing Enrique to be part of this film. I know he’s very busy busy, he’s doing a soap. So doing this movie, i was able to take him away for about three months to do Dukot, and of course with Christopher de Leon, one of the best actors in Philippines, and Ricky Davao and Bing Pimentel, what an honor working with them/ I actually learned so much from them and they have helped me do the story,” he stressed.

Dukot is expected to open in cinemas on July 13 (the same play date with AlDub’s movie). “I think it’s great for Philippine cinema, I think it should be a normal thing. It only means that our industry is thriving and we’re now sharing play dates with one another. Usually, one Pinoy film or two lang ang nilalabas a month, e. But now, you get to share play dates with fellow films. It only means that the industry is doing okay. I think it’s something people can enjoy, there are now options,” he explained.


Meanwhile, the director admitted that with their recent announcement of the gender of their baby, he’s more inspired to work now. “Yes, we’re having a baby boy, and very excited, kasi mini Paul sabi ni Toni. But whether it was a boy or girl, my priority is just to have a healthy, strong and smart baby and we’re just extremely blessed,” he said.

And what kind of parent he will be? “I think Toni and I, as parents, will gonna be tested now, especially that we will have a little boy, I would like to think that my parents and Toni’s parents are there to guide us, to teach us and to correct us if we do mistakes, but you know it’s exciting, it’s unpredictable,” he replied.

Any expected name for the baby? “Those things we are still preparing, like the nursery, and we are looking around now and canvassing. We just came from Hawaii so we were able to buy some baby clothes. But In terms of the name, wala pa, were actually debating every Sunday kung anong mga names possible. We’re writing some now but nothing yet certain, but off course Paul is there, yan ang suggestion and I think Paul is a hold name so we’ll see,” he explained.

Since Toni is still actively working with kapamilya shows, Paul was asked about his wife’s working condition. “For as long as the doctor allows her, that’s fine. We have monthly check up, sometimes twice a month and the doctor said that she is completely healthy, she can work as long as she gets her proper rest and the working conditions are safe. Her shows naman have done s great job and she’s making sure na she’s doing well. She’s doing her sitcom , PBB coming up and ASAP on Sundays. I think she will work until the day she gives birth. Ganun si Toni e,” he disclosed.

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