By Tom Adrales


With the sudden passing of one of the industry’s remaining stalwarts, showbiz will never be the same again. He had ruled the local entertainment for decades, and responsible for the initial success of some of our big stars today. From the superstar Nora Aunor, to the megastar, Sharon Cuneta; fromVina Morales to international star Lea Salonga; from Lotlot de Leon-Monching love team, to the Sheryl Cruz-Romnick Sarmenta tandem; from Billy Joe Crawford to Piolo Pascual, he touched their lives and was always ready to give them a helping hand.

He was not only a luminary, but also a father and a friend to most people he loved. (Tom Adrales is an award-winning script writer and a talent impresario. Aside from discovering Jake Vargas and Rainier Castillo, he also discovered Jason Abalos. He is currently connected with Viva Management as a consultant under the new talent development}.

My first encounter with Kuya Germs was definitely in That’s Entertainment. Every time he celebrated his birthday, we always sponsor his party at Equinox Disco (a very popular disco pub in the 80s. It used to be located along Pasay Road, Makati. The Streetboys Dancers was formed here). Until we became close. It was my job as one of the PROs of the club, aside from writing scripts for the movies and doing other production jobs.

qw-VFTTp           From the time I started organizing and producing pageants, he was always there as one of the judges. Then I got him to judge for Mr.& Ms. Photogenic. There he discovered the winners Rochelle BarrameJAKE-Vargas11 celebrity-realnames blogspot comda and Anthony Labrusca. But only Anthony joined That’s…because Rochelle’s parents didn’t allow her due to her studies.

When I started the model search Circle of 10, there he discovered Aki (Japs Boy), Jake Vargas, and Vince Gamad (commercial model). The search ran for ten years where we discovered stars and beauty queens. He was always a part of the show as our yearly resident judge. And because of him, we always had the privilege of getting a waiver from Music Museum for the bar guarantee, the venue of the search.

BQ - German Moreno 2

As a friend, I will always cherish his memories. I have so much fun just talking to him. We talked of many things, like career paths of some of his talents. And I have so many things to thank him for. Hindi s’ya mahirap na kausap pag kailangan mong tulong. There will always be only one German Moreno in this industry. And that we are truly grateful that we became part of his life. Thank you so much Kuya Germs!

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