By Joyce Rochelle Montañano

Most Wattpad stories are for the millennials. So you must expect that they would tackle issues of young people. We shouldn’t expect maturity from them. We shouldn’t expect that they would be able to tell stories of senior citizens. It’s given. Always expect pa-cute stories , like teenaged barkadas, teenaged sweet hearts, the bullies and the bullied in a typical classroom scenario, their trends, etc. These are  stories written by and for the young viewers. 


Salamin is another TV5’s Wattpad Presents episode but not just the typical ordinary pa-cute story. It is also a puzzling horror flick where you don’t know where your fright came from, or why the monster (who is once a victim of cruel people or a cruel tragedy) killed other people who were innocent, and where the main characters always hangout in haunted places despite knowing that they might die there.

But fortunately, this episode did not spend too much on monster costumes, which were obviously fake most of the time. The production design was simple yet convincing.

This Wattpad Presents episode featured TV5’s up and coming talents such as Sophia Albert, Sheira Mae Dela Cruz, Annyka Asistio, Anja Aguilar, and more. It was written by a Wattpad user named Ladyinblack09.

Alexa (played by Anja Aguilar), a nerdy transferee who’s on top of her class wanted to join the trio girl group called “Campus Beauties” which consists of Irish (Sophia Albert), Jen (Mayton Eugenio) and Laila (Shaira Mae Dela Cruz).

Before Alexa can join the trio, she was dared to enter a haunted house. They’ve heard that there was a story which took place a long time ago, and which said that the house was nested by two sister witches named Kristina and Alyana who were trapped in mirrors while their house was burned by the townspeople. In present time, those people who dared to enter this haunted house never came back.

Alexa entered the house, accidentally faced a mirror and Alyana’s soul entered her body. She then went out of the house and said to Irish (the leader of the group) that she left her cellphone inside the house. So Irish was forced to enter the house. Like Alexa, Irish also accidentally faced another mirror, and the older sister’s (Kristina) soul entered her body. She was also able to go out of the house.

Although It remained a mystery till the end of the flick why Kristina and Alyana chose Irish and Alexa’s bodies.

After the girl group left the house, Alexa and Irish became friends apparently because there were the sisters’ souls.  Soon, two of their classmates and one of their teachers died.

Laila and Jen discovered that several decades ago, Kristina and Alyana’s parents both died due to car accident.  Their father was a doctor, and their mother happened to be a witch. Kristina got angry to all the townspeople even if they have nothing to do with the car accident.

Kristine and Alyana tried to kill the townspeople one by one by using witchcraft. Until one day, the townspeople united and burned their house. There’s another witch who cast a spell on them and shut them into the mirror.

In present time, Kristina and Alyana who were still inside the bodies of Irish and Alexa were found guilty of killing the teacher and one of their classmates because their forefathers were involved in burningtheir house. The other classmate named Ashley, who’s forefather has nothing to do with Kristina and Alyana, but was a rival to Irish, was also killed.

The reason why Kristina and Alyana also killed Ashley despite her pure innocence was not clear and also remained as unresolved. Or maybe, it is Kristina and Alyana’s act of pakonswelo or giving thanks to Irish since they were using her body.

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