By Alex Datu

“It will always be a secret (wedding preparations) ’til when I come out.  Kasi I don’t like talking about it, it’s supposed to be my plan. So, when all details are okay, I gonna share to everyone siyempre. “yung preparations, ayaw ko ng masyadong mga tanong.”


Filipina-French actress Solenn Heussaff was super excited at the premiere night of her movie Flotsam last night at SM Mega Mall cinema. It’s one of a kind English movie shot in the Philippines. “I think the movie has many English dialogues, I think 80% kaya ako excited as everyone else, although hindi ko pa napanood ang entire movie.  It’s the first movie na lahat ay originally written by people from La Union. Also the songs, super iba talaga ito,” she related.

Flotsam is a movie acted by different colleagues of actors, non-actors, like local talents from La Union. It has eight love stories, and every one can relate to it.

It deals on young love, broken love, in search for love and also showing the beautiful beaches of La Union.
The movie tells the story of people coming together to a common area in La Union, floating and waiting for the next wave, and waiting for the next story to happen in their lives.

“Just like comparing to surfing, whatever happened, there’s always a second wave coming.  So, whatever happened to your life, everything happened for a reason,” she shared.

Aside from Floatsam, Solenn is now a regular mainstay of GMA-7’s Marimar as Capuchina Blanchet, a very educated French-Spanish dancer who helps Marimar to become someone else.

Speaking of being a dancer, she has enrolled in an aerial dancing and she does it on early mornings.  “I did it for two hours.  Sobrang masakit ang ulo kasi laging nakabaliktad ako, kung hindi ka sanay, masakit talaga ang turns, nakakahilo,” she stressed.

On the lighter side, she gleefully talked about her love life, and the wedding preparation. Solenn and her Argentine businessman fiancé, Nico Bolzico, are sharing one roof for the past four years and were engaged in December 2014.  People were asking on the exact date of the red day especially that they both agreed that the wedding will take place outside the country.

“Secret!” was her first reaction. “I just want everything to be done by me para simple,” she added.
By next year, it would be a hectic schedule for Solenn who is, aside from planning her wedding and a line-up of movies, is also preparing for her painting exhibit.

“I’ve been painting a lot kasi since three years, sabi ko na may exhibit ako for the next year but until now, wala pang exhibit.  So, I wanna push it in February next year. ‘Yung mga paintings ko usually is all about the tribes. I like indigenous people. February is the final date kasi I’m also going into furniture, then, books para one time, big time.  I plan 30 pieces of my paintings to be exhibited and I have some reserved as sold already.  Since I’m already 30, I wanna match my age.”

In the course of our conversation, we’ve learned that she was born here in the Philippines and stayed her whole life here.  “I only left four years to study college.  I am a Filipina and I have voted twice already,” she told.

Election fever is just around the corner. And next year, May to be exact, the next president will be chosen. And soon the campaign period will start. We asked Solenn the qualifications of her next president and vice president. “No comment,” she quickly replied. “No comment na lang po!”
But when asked if she would be given a chance to be an endorser of a certain candidate, without a second thought, she answered, “ Senator Miriam Defensor or Davao City Mayor Duterte.”  She prefers a strong leader and a fighter!

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