By Arya-na Grabeh

This vacation night our Santa (my dad) asked us to  go out with him to try out two new restaurants near our place. We live near Tomas Morato, a haven for foodies like me where you can find houses converted into restaurants and restaurants converted into libraries. It is a melting pot of different cuisines from American fastfood joints, to Chinese noodle houses, to Persian shawarmas, to Spanish Paellas, to Japanese sushi bars, to Korean bibimbaps, to Italian pasta places, to Pinoy classic sisigans, and tons of coffee shops.

Tonight, my Dad wanted me to eat Isaw and Barbecue to celebrate my brothers test high scores and my efforts in the Christmas play in school. We did not have to go as far as UP because right along Tomas Morato there is a Volkswagen barbecuhan called Roadkill Grill. We ordered four barbecues, four isaw manok and four rollercoasters. Oh, and of course four cups of rice. I can still recall the savory taste of the barbecue sauce blended with SBS (suka-bawang-sibuyas.) Even as I write now I can feel my saliva starts to well up just imagining the smoldering taste of the smoked meat contrasted with the sweet sauce, vinegar and garlic… yum yum yum. I was rocked to the core! Believe me you have to try it. In my mind I said to myself I could eat here everyday. I can even set up a tent to lessen the travel time! (Just kidding dad) I know it would be expensive to eat at a resto everyday but I got shocked when I overheard the waiter when my Mom asked for the bill. 215 pesos !!! AMAZING! So Sulit! I was expecting around 400 to 600 pesos. It is a must try folks! Pang Championship ito!

So after the meal we said thanks to the waiters and as we were walking out side my brother wanted to have some dessert. He bee lined towards an old reliable bakery resto near Roadrunner and ordered an Éclair and I ordered a Cream puff. It was almost as much as our dinner but it was delicious, we usually only go there to eat when my dad has important meetings. We took the two pieces to-go and we decided to eat it on our way home.


Then as we slowly trudge along Tomas Morato going towards our house, my brother saw another bakery and he dashed towards the door.

“Strawberry Cream Puff!,” he exclaimed!

Strawberry is one of my brother’s fave food. I also saw chocolate cream puff!

We both chided my dad to buy us despite each of us already having morsels in our hands. My dad agreed and we ordered 2 pieces. It is so amazing it was only 10 pesos for a regular cream puff and 14 pesos for the flavored ones.

Do not get fooled by the price! It was delicious! So Yum! Yum! Yum!

It’s our first time to eat at a Korean Bakery slash coffee shop. Its so close to my house  it is just beside BDO Tomas Morato!

It is Papa Kim’s Korean Bakery. As soon as I entered the café the smell of roasted coffee greeted us. It was so pleasant. For 100 pesos you get a coffee cup and a chosen pastry.  Mind you the pastries are nothing short of heaven. The cream puffs were superb and the butter cake melts in my mouth as I ate it. Yummy!

But what stood out that night was the Korean Bing su. The bingsu is like the pinoy halo-halo except for the shaved ice and matsa powder topped with caramel Ice Cream. It was really a day maker. Something you really want to try especially during hot days. It was really scrumptious! The serving was enough for the four of us. You should really try Papa Kim’s Bakery. It is Grabeh sa sarap!

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