By Gwen Ruais

David Semerad, Gwen Ruais, Shamcey Supsup Lee & Lloyd Lee

The moment you enter the place, you can tell that this isn’t an ordinary restaurant.

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From the bigger than life-size jeepney where you can sit and eat, to the wooden balcony of a traditional house overlooking the indoor street, it really feels like you are eating outside, in the streets of Manila (if you choose the lower level), or inside an old traditional house in the province (if you choose the upper level).


Pedro ‘n Coi (derived from Lloyd and Shamcey’s nicknames), is a restaurant that depicts how the
couple grew up.  The Miss Universe 3rd runner up explains that Lloyd grew up in Manila and she grew up in the province.
“So downstairs is like a taste of Manila; you have the jeepney, the sari-sari store, the carinderia; this is all Lloyd’s childhood,” shares the beauty queen. “Then upstairs is a different setting, it’s the bahay ni Coi; it’s my lola’s house in the province.”
After the initial awe of the extraordinary setting, it was time to sit down and focus our attention on the food.
 Our beautiful hostess/owner describes the menu as “Filipino classics with a twist”. Indeed, they have all the classics; and some of them are mixed with other classics!
Mr. Lee recommended the best sellers; and when asked about their favorite dishes on the menu, Mrs. Lee mentioned the “Tunog Kalye Set” which is a bucket of various “street food” such as kwekkwek, fishball, kikiam and chix skin.


One of the couple’s favorite food is a “street food” they wanted to incorporate into the menu. And after trying this delicious bucket and tried the “street food” for the first time, I realized I was missing out!
But of course in this “street” (in this beautiful air-conditioned street setting), I knew where the ingredients were coming from! So if you want to try “street food” and have a sensitive tummy like me, this is the perfect “street” for you.


Another one of Shamcey’s favorite dish, which my very own Filipino food expert/critic David and I enjoyed a lot was the “May Asim Pa”. And as the name suggests, this sinigang na baboy sa sampalok is deliciously asim!


The “Sizzling Sisig AWW” is a must try!
And another highlight on the menu for my partner David and for all of you rice lovers out there, is the “Marami Ka Pang Kakaining Bigas!”.  It isn’t your mother lecturing you on her much greater life experience (like mine does lol) it is the funny name of their all you can eat rice! Lol


At the end of our meal, we felt very busog! Lol
 Thank you again Shamcey & Lloyd! We really enjoyed eating inside a jeepney and the food was delicious. David and I will surely come back for more!
Pedro ‘n Coi is a truly original and a personal concept that this beautiful couple is sharing to all who loved to dine here! 
So come and let Mr.  & Mrs. Lee take you through their childhood; see where they grew up and taste the food they love!
Pedro ‘n Coi is located at the 3/f of Fisher Mall, Quezon Ave., Quezon City.

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