By Alwin M. Ignacio

She said: “Every day, Ifeel good waking up in the morning kasi nga magkikita kami. At dahil alam ko na magkasama kami, kumpletong-kumpleto ang araw ko. It was really different before na parang work lang, ngayon, mas happy.”

He said:  “It’s different now because I look forward to reporting to the set and work. I know it will be a grueling time but I don’t mind. It becomes more exciting because I know she is going to be there. You know. I have a sad day when we have separate schedules.”


They were just reel partners when they did Diary ng Panget, Talk Back When Your Dead, Para Sa Hopeless Romantic and Beauty and the Bestie.

Today, James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s friendship turned 360 degrees and are now partners for real. Yes, their status is “in a relationship.” Though just one month, the romance they share and enjoy inspires them to give their best in the summer flick offering they are finishing entitled This Time.

The most popular love partnership this side of the planet is on tour with JaDine Love, a concert for TFC subscribers which will happen in Dubai, Qatar, London and Milan. The twosome coosome will also have  a side trip, a mini-vacation of sorts in the city of lights and love, Paris, in the heart of fabulous France.

During the set visit of This Time, Reid shared, “This Time highlights different kinds of love and it’s not just us, the romantic love that our characters share. The moviegoers will see the relationship of her parents. My relationship with my Lolo Melchor, who plays my grandfather and he also has his own love story. Yung sa amin, we met when we were kids and the meeting happens for two weeks during summer time. Over time, as we grow older, our characters will fall in love. Then one summer, I don’t come back anymore and their relationship is put to a test.”

Lustre interjected, “The span of time incorporated in the story is quite long. Ito na yata yung pinaka-light na ginawa namin. Feel good ang summer movie na ito.”

Nadine’s face turned red when teased if she will be donning a swimsuit in this summer flick. Her priceless reaction, “No! Even myself, I am not comfortable. Wag muna.  Pwede ako na yung pang surfer’s top at high waist shorts, hindi pa ako handa. Hahahaha!”

How about James, wil he be more than willing to show off his to die for abdominals?

James sheepishly smiled and answered, “My abs? Wala na siya. I have been carbo loading.”

Obviously enjoying their new forever, during the intimate talk session, the two were most comfortable in displaying their affection. They held hands.  Reid lovingly caressed the arms of Lustre. When their eyes locked, the twinkle and look of love were in it.

Any discoveries to share now that the relationship they have is officially a month old? .

“We were already close even before we were together. It has only been officially one month and yet it feels like, we have been together for years.  She knows that I’m moody, ” was James’ quick reply.

They also addressed the issue of people not believing that their “in a relationship” status. “Dahil nga isang buwan pa lamang ang kanilang alam. Kung ayaw nilang maniwala eh di okay,” Nadine’s short but sweet reaction.

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Reid offered a lengthier explanation, “I just think it’s funny. I wouldn’t say that I love her in front of the whole country if I were not serious. When I admitted it to her during the farewell show of On The Wings of Love, nobody knew that I would be declaring my love for her. Sinabi ko yun because I am serious. I didn’t tell her I love her because it was the convenient thing to say. No matter what happens to our careers, my feelings for her, it will still be the same.”

He carried on, “For the longest time, I felt this way about her. I knew that I liked her but not that much. When we did our shoot in San Francisco, it became real to me. At first, I could not believe it, I denied it for a long time and then and I can no longer contain my feelings. It just really hit me. “

“Ang haba ng hair ko,”  Lustre laughed. ” Ako naman kasi, hindi ako assumera. Unless hindi mo sinabi sa akin. wala akong karapatang mag-feeling.  I did not expect it. Hindi malakas ang pakiramdam ko. Clueless ako. Nung sinabi niya nga yun sa finale, I was just so overwhelemed. Napayakap nga ako sa kanya, I didn’t get to say ‘I love you too.’”

Do they ever fight? Nadine answered. “Our last fight happened during the Wang Fam premiere night. After that. sobrang hindi kami nag-uusap, magkagalit talaga kami. Noong nag-Ilocos kami para sa OTWOL, doon lang kami naayos.”

Reid commented on the fight, “It was just a bad day that time.”

Because they were able to give life, soul and heart to the characters of Clark and Lea in OTWOL, can they say that being in the much loved drama was instrumental for them to become sweethearts?

 James’ perfect answer. “I think whatever is the project, we would still end together, definelty OTWOL made it a lot sweeter. Now it is just natural and easy. Mas kinikilig ako ngayon.”

And what are the best traits of James? “Meron siyang silly side, bihira lang yung makita, yung sobrang makulit. Kasi most of the time, we see him na serious at tahimik pero there  is a makulit side na endearing talaga,” Lustre revealed.

Reid adored Nadine because, “Hindi sya maarte. She is independent. She is hands-on, in every thing. She does not rely so much on other people. She is strong. She knows how to take care of herself. She carries her own taping chair. She drives her self to work. By this time, dapat she has her own team pero wala, She can handle herself and is very humble.”

James insisted that the relationship they have is very much in the present. They do not worry about what is in store for them in the future, but he is optimistic that it will be bright and that they are still together. There is no room for worries and anxieties that are yet to come, or that might not even happen at all.

JaDine, the sweetest romantic pair of the moment concluded, “I can’t think about that. We can’t think about that. If I thought so much of the future and all that, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now.”

This Time is slated to be shown nationwide on April 20.

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