by Alwin M. Ignacio

(c) Eat Bulaga’s Official Facebook


            More than the “kilig” that these two young television stars have been serving to their viewers, what is most laudable about the Aldub tandem was they used their popularity to pay it forward. The ticket sales of P14 million will be utilized to build libraries for public schools around the country.


This Glitter correspondent, is just one of the more then 50,000 spectators who woke up early, trooped to the cavernous Philippine Arena and witnessed the saccharine and giddy over load that Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza provided in Eat Bulaga’s spectacular, spectacular episode aptly billed “Sa Tamang Panahon.”

Now, the doubting Thomases are no longer doubting the phenomenon that is AlDub since the dynamic duo’s status as reel love team, is now of stellar and mega-watt proportions, after the larger than large crowd that occupied the the Philippines’ largest mixed-used indoor arena. Also, with #AlDubEBTamangPanahon reaching 30.1 million tweets (and counting), there are no more reasons to doubt that Richards and Mendoza are the biggest stars this side of the planet.

Since the accidental July 16, 2015 split screen moment of the two, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are now considered as today’s biggest stars. In the Philippine Arena, one feels the realization of the “body electric.” The venue’s communal energy was so contagious, palpable, filled with positive vibes and hopes of an unforgettable romanctic encounter. Fans and supporters were most genorous in giving out their loudest chants, shrieks and shouts.

When the program started its airing by 11:30 am, the Arena’s energy can be best described as “nuclear.” The festive and jovial mood, with the rest of the Da Barkads— greeted. welcomed and embraced with so much love, and always, screams at the top of the collective lungs coming from the mammoth crowd.

(c) Eat Bulaga’s Official Facebook

From the Eat Bulaga theme song , the show proceeded to what is expected – The Aldub Show, with the prominent characters of the Kalyserye, the trio con brio of Lola Nidora, Tinidora and Tidora— portrayed with so much gusto and perfect comic timing by Wally Bayalo, Paolo Ballesteros and Jose Manalo.

Of course, the central figures of the day were Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards.


Mendoza, in a red, ballerina-tutu inspired dress, arrived in the venue, grand Pinoy style, riding at the back of a jeepney, a stunt she did once in the show.

Richards’ arrival was most cinematic, in true Prince Charming fashion. He was seen by the steps of the venue, as he walked up the stair case, carrying with him a red box. It was so wonderfully shot and choreographed, you really feel as if a royalty is about to make an announced entrance.

There was no commercial break for the Eat Bulaga’s “Sa Tamang Panahon” shindig. Some of it’s most memorable moments are Wally Bayola’s major character transformations, from Lola Nidora to Duhrizz, to Rhianna then back to the loving and stern grand mother again.

Wally, without any doubt, is the anchor and the conscience of the kalyeserye.

Then, the emotional meeting and group hug of Alden, Yaya Dub and Lola Nidora onstage.


(c) Aldub Official's Facebook
(c) Aldub Official’s Facebook

Lola Nidora said. “Dumating na hindi inaasahan, binago ang mga buhay natin. Yaya Dub, Alden.” Lola graciously stepped back and Nidora’s exit, Alden reached out to her and all of them embraced tightly.

Alden serenaded Yaya with their anthem, “God Gave Me you.” The “Pambansang Dimples” uttered, “Maine, ang tagal kong hinintay tong chance na to, to say that God gave me you. Ang layo na rin narating natin. Dalawang taong naghahanap, and finally nagkita na rin. Salamat sa ‘yo.”

He also thanked the fans before the serenade. He and Maine held hands for the whole duration of the performance. After Maine’s speech, Lola Nidora asked them to dance onstage. Alden then got one box which he opened to reveal the glass shoe Yaya left in an episode last August.

When the two danced on stage, with Alden giving Maine tigher than tight hugs, the moment was indeed magical, intoxicating, almost orgasmic, two young peopple in a tight embrace, showing to all of us that pure and innocent love is still possible. As expected, tears of joy cascaded on every ones face, this correspondent included.


  Finally, after three months of tease, the two got their blessing and made many of their firsts—first meet up sans the split screen, first “touch,” first conversation without dubsmashing (or lip synching) and first hug.

Whether the romance between Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza become “real,” only time can tell. What matters now is that they have used their popularity positively. May there be more stars, and TV shows who will follow the example of Eat Bulaga and AlDub.


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