By Edwin Uy

If you are not comfortable with what you are wearing even if you think you look fashionably good, there is something wrong with your sense of fashion.

My Summer Collection at the Philippine Fashion Fiesta Show

Summer is here and we are starting to feel the terrible heat. By this time, we can start using our summer/resort wear in our closets. Sexy resort dresses, light fabric blouses in pastel shades, swimwear, stylish shorts, sleeveless or tank-top shirts – all these are ready to be worn this season. But what could make your typical summer wear look stylish and timely? People have seen your wardrobe over the past summers they have been with you. Do you need to buy new summer clothes just to be in? If you know how to reinvent your wardrobe, you can save a lot of money and yet be stylish this summer.

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One way to be stylish is you can cut your old boring t-shirt into sexier outfits. You just have to know the techniques. There are several ways to do this and maybe you can do some research. The technique is just quite simple. You don’t have to use a sewing machine to achieve this.

Another thing you have to remember before wearing all your sexy outfits this summer, make sure the sexy outfit will look good in you. Know also your limitations and assets. Not all type of sexy summer outfits would look good on everyone. Show more of your assets and hide all your liabilities. Summer color trend this 2016 are the pastel shades but if you are on the heavy side, maybe you can use the pastel shades on the lower part of your wardrobe or as an accent in your dressing, but maintain the dark color where you can conceal your body. Summer fashion is fun to play with but do it wisely.

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Another way to be stylish this summer is by putting embellishment on your old summer wardrobe specially the resort wear you will be using in your beach outings. Scarfs, hats, neck pieces, belts, could be mixed and matched with your old summer wardrobe to give it a new look. It’s how you can play with your imagination to look cool this summer. Hats both for men and women are very cool as our climate here in the Philippines really would need such an accessory. I believe that we really need to incorporate hats in our summer fashion because of the extreme heat. Fashion should not only be something that would make you look good. It should also make you feel good. Remember, fashion is a lifestyle.

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